The home building materials industry has boosted the value of nearby shops

According to the survey, the annual transaction volume of home building materials in the country has been around 250 billion yuan in recent years, and will maintain the growth trend of 20% to 25%.

The home building materials manufacturers in the Yangtze River Delta are mainly concentrated in the surrounding districts and counties centered on large cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing and Wuxi. Recently, some upstream manufacturers have begun to shift their sights from the home building materials city center in the city to some commercial cities near the suburbs and nearby highways and national highways, ports and other traffic arteries, and there is a tendency for cities to expand outward.

According to incomplete statistics, only recently launched are Hangzhou Yifeng Home Building Materials City, Shanghai Oriental International Home Furnishings City, Jinhaima Home City, Shanghai International Building Materials Center, Wuxi Guangyi Home City, Nanjing Jinsheng International Home City, Dafeng. Hong Kong Building Materials City, Suzhou East China Business City, Changshu Dongfeng Bridge Building Materials City, Jinhua Zhezhong China Building Materials City, and more than 10 large-scale commercial city. The annual turnover of Dafeng Port Building Materials City reached 4.5 billion yuan. Yifeng Home Building Materials City sold 60% of the shops on the opening day, and even once booked 20 sets as long-term investment. As a building material carrier in Jiangsu, Guangyi Home Town has become the country’s first home support park.

According to sales staff of Yifeng Home City, the project was opened for only two weeks, leaving only about 40 shops. Because the large-scale building materials market is obviously sought after by the market, it is often seen in Hangzhou that there are crowds of night queues because of the need to buy shops.

[Yifeng Home Building Materials City]

Secretary of the Wuxi Building Materials Association Shen Bingnan

Project address: 104 National Road, Yuhang District and Moganshan Road

Land area: 530,000 square meters

Business area: 230,000 square meters

Opening time: May 15, 2007

Opening price: 7400 yuan / square meter

Current price: 1st floor 13,000 yuan / square meter

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