How to choose a quality Daxin board

A look at whether it is a regular manufacturer's product. To view the manufacturer's trademark, production address, anti-counterfeit signs.

Secondly, see if the formaldehyde emission in the product test report is less than or equal to 1.5 mg per litre. General regular manufacturers have test reports, formaldehyde detection values ​​should be as low as possible.

Third, look at the appearance quality of Daxin board. To see whether the surface of the Daxin board is smooth, whether it is warped or deformed, or whether there is bubbling or depression; the blockboard can be cut open at the site or during construction to observe whether the inner core strip is even and tidy, and the gap is as small as possible; The width of the core must not exceed 2.5 times the thickness, otherwise it will be easily deformed; the core strip should be free of decay, cracks, wormholes, knots, etc.

Whether the arrangement of core strips is even and tidy, and the gap is as small as possible, whether the core strip is rotted, broken, wormhole, knotted, etc. Generally, the inner quality of the large core board with good appearance quality is correspondingly better.

Four to see if there is odor. If the Daxinban emits a scent of fragrant wood, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is less; if the smell is pungent, it means that the amount of formaldehyde released is more or not to be purchased.

The fifth is to add the phrase “must meet the national standards” on the purchase contract or invoice, and it is best to leave a sample in the construction. Once the project is finished, it is found that due to the quality problems of the big core board, the indoor environment is polluted. This can be used as Judging the basis of responsibility. Because according to the requirements of national standards, from July 1, 2002, large core boards that do not meet the national standards are not allowed to be sold in the market.

Plate purchasing formaldehyde

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