How to make a good renovation of the hotel? The most complete smoke hotel renovation process

The decoration design of the store has always affected the development of the store. Compared with the decoration design of commercial places such as hotels and hotels, the decoration design of the smoke hotel should be displayed much simpler. How to make the decoration of the smoke hotel? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the most complete hotel renovation process , I hope everyone can help after reading.

How to make a good renovation of the hotel?


Smoke Hotel renovation process 1, renovation project:

Tobacco hotel renovation needs to find a professional decoration company to build, generally provide smoke hotel renovation plan, and shelf placement reference map and facade logo and facade advertising design. According to the actual situation in the store, some adjustments can be made, but the overall style cannot be changed. The door and facade signs of the smoke hotel are difficult to construct, subject to time constraints and space constraints. In the prosperous areas and pedestrian streets, the procedures for occupying the road must be handled in advance, and the time for approval of the city management is particularly short. In order to avoid disturbing the people, the night construction time cannot be too long. At this time, the measures that can be taken are to make semi-finished products in the processing plant to reduce the on-site workload. After the construction starts, the working hours can be used reasonably. The team in the daytime construction can carry out the project with sound, and the team in the evening construction can be assembled, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also avoids the phenomenon of disturbing the people.

Smoke hotel renovation process 2, wiring project:

The decoration is always pioneered by concealed electrical wiring and water distribution pipes. Every year, there are many fire accidents caused by electrical circuit failures in the country. Therefore, we must find a professional decoration company to design and construct the wiring. Pay attention to the following items, the wiring method should be consistent with the use nature of the building; the necessary fireproof treatment should be carried out during the wire installation process; the special part wiring should have the necessary protection measures. For example, the connection line between the lighting lamp and the power line is connected, and these parts are prone to line failure due to external forces such as oxidation, rat biting, and vibration. Therefore, special protective measures should be strengthened; tracking inspection should be carried out during the wiring process. In order to prevent the construction unit from violating the regulations, cutting corners, mishandling and other issues. There are different requirements for the wiring of weak electrical appliances and strong electric wires. In short, the wiring engineering is very important for the safety of smoke hotels. It is necessary to invite professional and reliable decoration companies to construct and strengthen supervision.


Smoke Hotel renovation process 3, fire engineering:

The smoke hotel is a place with frequent population movements. Fire safety work is particularly important. For the decoration of smoke hotels, fire protection engineering should be one of the key points to consider. Refractory materials should be used for decoration. When designing the decoration, let the water supply and drainage designers participate. Under the premise of meeting the technical and economical design of fire water supply design, we should consider the aesthetic and reasonable problems of the overall design of the building. In addition, in the design of the decoration, it is necessary to consider the design of the evacuation route for the passenger flow and the distribution of the fire extinguisher in an emergency. All three projects are indispensable, and attention should be paid to the coordination and unification of the three projects.

The above is how the smoke hotel brought to you by Xiaobian? The whole content of the most complete hotel renovation process, I believe that after reading this article, you have a basic understanding of the decoration process of the smoke hotel, if you want to know more about decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel.

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