Inventory application of security computer network system

With the development of society, technology is more and more developed, but at the same time, it is accompanied by various security risks. Therefore, security issues have become the primary issue, regardless of our family life or production operations, whether we are ourselves or companies or units. Products, factories, and technical equipment are inseparable from safety. Based on this, strengthening security, effectively using computer networks, and setting up advanced security systems are urgent problems to be solved.
In this era of informationization, it is common to use computer network systems to solve security problems. It is not only intuitive, fast, and saves money, but also leaves first-hand information for boycotting crime.
First, the application in the campus security system <br> With the continuous development of the economy, the requirements for people's own quality are getting higher and higher, one's knowledge and ability are more and more important, so the education of children has become a key issue. The campus is a place for children to be educated, and campus safety is an important guarantee for children to receive good education.
(1) The main function of the traditional campus security system security system should be security prevention, and the traditional campus security system just ignores this point, focusing on video surveillance, although it has various security subsystems, but it Relatively independent, they can't put together their own information. Under normal circumstances, video surveillance can only provide evidence for post-mortem investigations, and it can't prevent it. In order to better play the role of security system, reduce human and material resources, protect teachers and students. Safety, a new type of campus security system is urgently needed.
(2) New campus security system 1. The fire alarm system uses the temperature and smoke sensor, and judges whether the fire hazard exists by monitoring the sensor signal at any time. Then the sensor node collects the data information to the coordinator node, and then transmits it to the fire alarm system through the campus network. The fire alarm system is responsible for the control and management of the entire security system, including control of the entire system, processing and decision making of sensor data. When the fire alarm system receives the pre-alarm data of the sensor node, it takes countermeasures according to the relevant rules preset in advance. And when it is determined that a fire has occurred, the corresponding linkage mechanism will be activated in time to implement network wireless. Network wireless means that sensor points in the network can automatically sense the various conditions of other nodes without human intervention, and establish wireless connections with each other to form a systematic network, adding self-healing functions, regardless of adding or deleting. A node, or the location of the node changes, including the failure of the node, the network can achieve self-healing, to ensure that the entire system can still operate normally. Since the network is a wireless network and has a self-organizing network and self-healing function, the fire can not damage the line, even if the nodes of the individual sensors are destroyed, the remaining nodes can re-network themselves, thus improving the survival rate of the network, that is, greatly improving The survival rate of the fire alarm system plays a very good role in preventing fire rescue and better protecting personal and property safety.
2. Intelligent video surveillance system Intelligent video surveillance system adds intelligent video and video analysis modules to the monitoring system, filters useless or interference information in video images, automatically recognizes different objects, and analyzes key useful information in video source and audio source. The specific location of the accident is judged, the abnormal situation in the monitoring screen is judged, and the alarm is issued in the shortest time. Therefore, the intelligent video monitoring system can effectively perform the prior warning, accelerate the processing in the event, and facilitate the timely collection of evidence after the event.
Second, the application in the home security system 1. Classification and composition The home security system consists of two categories: wired and wireless. The cable type mainly includes telephone line connection, power line connection, Ethernet and bus, etc.; the wireless type mainly adopts infrared and wireless modes. The new smart home system consists of home security servers, external networks, information appliance networks, and related devices in the information appliance network. The home security server is the center and hub of the smart home security system. It is installed inside the home to provide bridging capabilities for different subnets within the home, so that these subnets can communicate with each other, external networks, outside the home, and various services through the Internet. The business information is connected to provide real-time, two-way broadband access, and also provides a firewall function to prevent unauthorized access and intrusion of internal devices. Therefore, the external network can provide broadband access for each device in the home, and perform accurate and accurate data transmission services.
2. The home location of the home security system is generally installed in the home data terminal, and the terminal is connected to the user's communication device (such as mobile phone, office phone, etc.) through the interface.
3. Main functions and significance The home security system mainly collects signals such as fire, gas leakage, magnetic switches of doors, windows and balconies, meter reading data of water, electricity and gas, and monitoring of information such as medical assistance. The system can automatically store, control, alarm and other functions according to the software settings, thus achieving the security and control of the system. The home security system provides a strong guarantee for family safety, enabling users to detect potential safety hazards at any time, and take countermeasures in the first time, achieving better preventive effects and enhancing family safety. It enables people to devote more peace of mind to work and study, and solves the worries of the future, thus promoting the harmonious development of society.
Third, the application in the warehouse security system (a) the main application of the computer network in the warehouse management 1, the computer management system can be based on the personal information reserved by the management personnel, such as fingerprints, avatars, etc., through the monitoring system near the warehouse door Automatically record the name of the administrator who entered and exits the warehouse, the time of entry and exit, the time of stay, and the reason for entering the warehouse.
2. When someone opens the warehouse door, the alarm system in the computing network starts to send out an alarm signal, and the video surveillance system starts recording. Only the administrator with the authority can release the alarm, and the information will be transmitted to the central management system of the computer network through the network. .
3. Centralized management of door locks The security monitoring center can communicate directly with each warehouse through a computer network, and can control the opening of the library door through computer management software. In an emergency, the library door can be opened with a super password.
4, the data is broken and the network continues to pass. The system can still work through the backup power support system in case of power failure or communication failure, and automatically upload all data to the monitoring center host when the communication is normal.
(2) Set scientific settings for alarm points and video monitoring points according to the geographical location of the reservoir area and the layout of the building. It is necessary to comprehensively monitor all areas, and do not leave dead ends. Generally, it is set in the gateway to each warehouse. Critical points, gates, doorways, monitoring centers and other important locations must have monitoring points and alarm points. At the same time, the address codes of the monitoring points and alarm points should be input into the system database for better management, and the IP address of the system should be planned in a unified manner to ensure the effective operation of the entire system.
The intelligent security system of the warehouse ensures the safety of the warehouse, improves the work efficiency, and plays an important role in promoting the survival and development of the enterprise.
IV. Application in security systems in public places <br> With the continuous development and advancement of network security systems, the methods of manual monitoring have been unable to adapt to the modern pace. Public facilities in public places are increasing, and the number of leisure and entertainment people is increasing. There will be a variety of unsafe hidden dangers, so the requirements for monitoring equipment in public places are getting higher and higher.
Public security systems include video surveillance, burglar alarms, access control, fire protection systems, communications, and broadcasts. These facilities are unified in computer network control. The monitoring system is the command center, which monitors everything in the entire public place at any time, and simultaneously records and transmits the monitoring and video information to the computer management system. Under the control of the network management system, the monitoring system and other systems cooperate with each other to complete the security work. The burglar alarm can detect illegal intruders in real time. Once a theft is found, it will immediately send a signal to the relevant personnel to alert and send the alarm signal to the network command center, so that the criminal can be quickly seized. Access control is a digital system for management personnel to enter and exit. The broadcasting system includes background music and emergency broadcast. The background music system is usually used. In the event of an emergency, the emergency broadcast is automatically converted according to the command signal of the computer network command center.
In short, the public security system is intelligent, which increases the security, ensures the safety of people's lives and property, provides a strong backing for people's spare time, and promotes stability and unity.
Conclusion: The use of computer networks in security systems not only saves manpower and material resources, but also ensures the safety of campuses, homes, public places and various warehouses, providing people with better security and better protection. Confusion and worry about security issues will promote the harmonious development of society, make security work more systematic, more scientific and more efficient, and have important significance for better prevention of various unsafe hidden dangers. Therefore, the informationization of the security system is very necessary.
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