How to make smart house ZigBee smart home system safe and stable

The rise of the Internet of Things has driven the popularity of the smart home industry. For a time, the smart home company blossomed on the ground, saying that its products are good and the technology is good, but it seems that it is really good to be where it is, so that consumers are also confused, not Know how to choose how to identify, because consumers can only see the surface, seeing the control and security functions of lighting appliances. These are actually visible to the naked eye. On the simplest side, the core of the system is the reasonable architecture of the communication chip, APP, server and the coordinated operation. This is similar to the foundation when building a house. Only by laying the foundation can the whole smart home system be supported, otherwise it will be ready at any time. There is a danger of collapse. The following describes the stability of the smart home smart home system.

First, Silicon Labs EM357 series ZigBee chip


At present, ZigBee protocol smart home adopts ZigBee chip of 3 different companies, 1. NXP, 2, CC2530 chip of TI, 3, Silicon Labs, smart house smart home adopts core (Silicon Labs) company's EM357 series ZigBee wireless communication chip, which belongs to the industrial high-performance level of ZigBee chip field. It has absolute advantages in application to smart home, avoiding the small scale and easy to lose the traditional ZigBee chip smart home networking. Unstable ills. In addition, Silicon Labs has released EFR32MG series ZigBee chips, some of which can support 4 protocols: ZigBee, Thread, BLE, Proprietary (sub GHZ, small wireless). (Silicon Labs) ZigBee smart chip developed by ZigBee chip can be compatible with Thread, BLE (Bluetooth), Proprietary (sub GHZ, small wireless) three kinds of communication protocols, and can interconnect with these three communication protocols, technological innovation Leading the way.

Second, host type intelligent gateway


The central control gateway of Smart Home Smart Home has the host function. The engineer writes the relevant program into the gateway. The user does not need to go through the server when the local control is performed on the local area network. This not only reduces the pressure on the server for data transmission, but also ensures the broadband. The normal operation of the smart home system when the line is disconnected or disconnected.

Third, the transmission data is fully optimized

The transmission of wireless signals actually has its own dedicated channel and data volume. When the device is controlled, every click of the APP has corresponding data running in the wireless channel, but our eyes are invisible. If the data is not optimized properly, It will be very large, and congestion will occur during transmission, resulting in packet loss and loss of control. The data of the smart house smart home system has been fully optimized to minimize the transmission of data, resulting in very smooth and stable operation in the smart home.


Fourth, the gateway automatically restarts to refresh the networking state


Smart House's intelligent gateway sets the automatic restart function between 2:00 and 3:00 every day. The purpose of automatic restart is to refresh the online status to ensure the best communication network every day. Only a good network can support the stability of the smart home system. Running.

Five, perfect APP support

If the ZigBee chip is the engine of a car, then the APP is the gearbox of the car. The program of the ZigBee chip can only make a stable and reliable smart home system when it is perfectly combined with the APP. This "perfect" has no certain experience and time to accumulate impossible. Do it. A good APP can't be done once, and it's also necessary to assign a special person to do it. You can't just change it. The smart home smart home APP has been replaced by more than 4 years of continuous repair.


Smart home is a systematic project. It involves a lot of technical aspects and requires a professional technical team to cooperate. A stable smart home system must have core technical conditions. Consumers should not only look at the appearance when choosing smart home. You should know more about the intrinsic data of the system to find a reliable smart home system.

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