Pulse electronic fence principle

1. Electronic Fence A brief description of the electronic fence system is to set up a pulsed electronic fence detector in the surrounding area of ​​non-access channels to form an electronic fence to prevent and manage. The electronic fence system is the first line of defense of the security system and an important line of defense. It is responsible for the frontier community safety and security work. When someone illegally climbs over the wall or destroys it, if someone attempts to invade, he first sees a “high voltage hazard” warning sign hanging on the fence, giving a psychological sense of deterrence; secondly, the electronic fence itself It is a tangible barrier. It is difficult to climb when installing an appropriate height and angle. When an intruder attempts to cross, the flexible fence does not provide support. If you attempt to cross, when you touch the electronic fence, you will be given an electric shock to retreat and leave. Do not dare touch again. If forced to break through, the on-site electronic fencing host will send a sound and light alarm signal to psychologically further strike the intruder and force it to abandon the invasion. At the same time, it will alert nearby employees to assist security personnel and handle the scene.

The electronic fence host has two sets of signals: a group of on-site alarm sounds and light alarms, which will make the intruder more scared and give the intruder a great shock; the other set of signals is transmitted to the security room. The alarm host emits sound and light alarms, and at the same time, an accurate alarm point position is displayed on the keyboard, and can be linked with the monitoring system. The on-site real-time screen center of the surveillance area that jumps out of the invading area immediately informs the patrolling security personnel to rush to the scene. Handling alarm conditions; it can also be networked with other alarm systems to facilitate the improvement of the protection level.

2. Electronic Fence Principle The system and the AC power grid are essentially different in that they use high-voltage pulses (5000-10000V) and low energy (less than 5 Joules) and emit a pulse signal per second (battery per second). It is not a constant blow and therefore does not pose a hazard to humans. After the power supply of the electronic fence hosts, the pulse voltage is generated at the transmitter and applied to the front end of the electronic fence through the high-voltage insulated wire. The pulse signal is transmitted from the beginning to the terminal along the wire of the electronic fence. The loop formed by the high-voltage insulated wire is applied to the receiving end of the controller. If someone invades or destroys the front electronic fence, the controller will issue an alarm and transmit the alarm signal to other security equipment systems. The schematic diagram is as follows:

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