What issues should I pay attention to when managing melon?

What issues should be paid attention to in winter melon management:

Fertilizer management. In the growth stage of melon stems, it is not easy to water the water. It is necessary to adopt the management measures of “promoting” and “controlling”. After watering, timely cultivating and maintaining the watering interval, no need for topdressing at this time. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Pressure vine. The first female flower of the late-maturing winter melon is born at 15-25 knots, and the melon is very long. It can grow the adventitious roots with the characteristics of the vine, which can prevent the cold and expand the root system. The specific method is: when the vine is elongated by 60 cm, open a 20-30 cm long, 7-8 cm deep curved ditch on the same side of each melon about 20 cm from the root, and then the melon The next section of the faucet is about 20 cm into the ditch, and the ditch covering is called crushing vine. Remove the side branches and tendrils of the melon when the wire rod is used. In order to make the length of the vine vines on the ground consistent, when the vines are pressed, the stalks of the vines are more curved, and the short arcs are smaller. After the vines are finished, water is poured once for the insertion. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Insert, snoring and tying. In the mid-late maturing variety, the melon should be inserted into the triangular frame in time after the vine is pressed. Three short bamboo stalks of 1 meter long are inserted around each melon, and the scorpion is joined together to form a frame. Late-maturing varieties of winter melon can be introduced to the vine after the vine is grown and 6-7 leaves (about 50 cm) are grown. The first vine is tied to the first pole about 15-16 cm from the ground; the second vine is tied to the other bamboo raft, about 50 cm from the ground, so that the fruit of the melon is born in two poles. The third vine is tied to the top of the second bamboo pole. Every time you tie a vine, you need to pick up the tendrils and go to the side vines. When tying the first vine on the melon, it is necessary to plough and weed. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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