Artificial grass construction process and basic requirements

I believe everyone is not unfamiliar with artificial grass. However, people tend to pay attention to what is on the surface but do not think carefully about how the artificial grass works make such a large piece of grassland into an artificial turf. In fact, it is mainly based on the basic requirements for the use of the site, which is based on the cement concrete foundation or 10% cement stone foundation layer after maintenance to meet the requirements, then laying artificial turf. So, what is the artificial grass construction plan? For first-time friends, it's hard to avoid asking questions of this sort or another. Don't worry, here I will explain in detail the construction of artificial grass and artificial grass .

Artificial grass specifications

The length of grass hair is 32 to 50 mm, and the density of grass hair can be from 150 to 180 needles.

Artificial grass prices

Artificial grass prices are sold on a square basis, ranging from 15 yuan to 30 yuan per square metre.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to geographical differences, of course, the price will be different. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Artificial grass manufacturers

Recommended Wuxi City Green Artificial Turf Co., Ltd. The company is located in Wuxi, the place where the lawn originated. It is one of the largest lawn and artificial turf production companies in East China. The company has several advanced turf production equipment, artificial turf, artificial turf annual production capacity of 5 million square meters. Product quality, low price, trustworthy!


Artificial grass construction

1. Check the entire turf field, whether the basic density and flatness of the turf are up to the required level, and after the arrival, the artificial turf can be paved.

2. Measure payoffs on the entire site, measure the position of the stadium line and mark it, mark it with different colors of ink, and determine the laying direction and position of the artificial turf.

3, began to lay artificial grass: the splicing tape on the lawn joint surface, and fixed with a steel nail on it, the nail head can not be raised, the joint area to be overlapped more than 10cm.

4. Apply glue on the joint interface. Before the glue dries, the cut lawn will be tiled and joined, so that each artificial grass closely adheres.

5. After the laying is completed, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of the bonding areas is smooth and whether the bonding of the artificial grass is firm. Only after the inspections meet the requirements, can the construction of the next process be performed.

6. Cut out the green artificial turf at the position where the white line is to be set, insert it into the splicing zone, and apply glue on it. Then insert the cut white artificial turf court line into the marked course line before the paving. The position is bonded with the splicing tape.

7, according to the needs of the venue sprinkled with quartz sand and rubber particles. If it is necessary to throw quartz sand, pour the quartz sand or black rubber into the granulation machine, and push the granulator to carry quartz sand or black rubber particles onto the surface of the artificial turf. Brush the quartz sand or black on the back of the granulator. Colloidal particles, and make quartz sand or black rubber drops.

8, to promote the speed of the granulator should be uniform, not too fast or too slow, in order to uniform thickness.

9. After the quartz sand or black rubber particles are laid, it is necessary to check whether they are smooth and sufficient. The deficiency should be supplemented, and any impurities found in the pavement should be immediately removed to ensure quality.

10. The quartz sand or rubber particles in the pavement should be kept dry to facilitate the flow of quartz sand or rubber particles. After the quartz sand or rubber particle laying is completed, a hard brush or a light load drag heavy brush may also be used, and the brush back and forth makes the quartz sand drop fully dense.

11. Acceptance and exit after completion of laying.

Artificial grass basic requirements

Keep the venue clean

The "No Smoking" logo is erected around the grass

Motor vehicles and heavy objects do not enter sports grounds

Reduce the number of cleanings and avoid cleaning at high temperatures

Set up enough bins

Control the use of the site

Small damage should be repaired in time

Artificial grass cleaning and maintenance

After the game, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the paper, shells and other debris.

Every two weeks, comb the grass with a special brush to remove debris and leaves from the lawn.

After each month or after frequent competitions, use a special tweezers to level quartz sand or rubber pellets once.

Dust on the turf will be washed when it rains, or it may be washed manually.

When the summer is hot, you can use water to cool the lawn to make the athlete cool and comfortable.


Removal of artificial grass stains

Juice, milk, ice cream, blood stains and other "watery" stains, first scrub with soap and water, and then thoroughly rinse with soapy water; if necessary, use a strong towel to dry.

Shoe polish, sunscreen lotion, ball point pen oil, etc., can be wiped with sponges and wiped with perchloroethylene, and the strong absorbent towel is used to dry.

Paraffin, asphalt, and asphalt, wipe vigorously or wipe with sponge on perchloroethylene.

Nail polish, wipe with acetone.

Paints, coatings, etc., may be wiped with turpentine or paint remover, and decontaminated with cleaner and water. Rinse the cleaner with cold water and wipe it vigorously. Wipe the sponge with perchloroethylene.

Chewing gum can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon before removing the residue.

Fungus or mold, can be poured into water with 1% hydrogen peroxide, thoroughly wiped with water after soaking.

Artificial grass inspection and repair

Check carefully if there is any looseness in the suture, and if the bottom of the turf is damaged, torn, burned, etc. Large repairs should contact the pavement company in a timely manner.

The scouring and cleaning of heavy rain will cause a small loss of filler. Wherever you need to fill up, you can sprinkle some quartz sand, rubber pellets, and sweep it completely into the turf.

Artificial grass prohibition

Smoking, fireworks, and welding are used on the venue; chewing gum, peel snacks, fruit juice drinks, oil, etc. are thrown inside the venue;

Cars, motorcycles and other vehicles and heavy objects enter the site;

The use of spiked shoes, javelins and other improper footwear or sports equipment;

Use chemical cleaners, herbicides or insecticides.

Editor's summaries: Want to create a piece of artificial turf requires our constructors to understand the basic conditions of the site, and then make a further artificial grass construction program to implement the construction. And a green and pollution-free artificial grass is to do a good job of preparation. So today's artificial grass construction is relatively costly. But this is also worth the money. Artificial turf provides a better environment for people, and artificial grass is like real grass. It can absorb water and play a role in reducing emissions.

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