How is the strongest cross-border tablet Huawei's M2 Youth Edition?

Recently, a new cross-border tablet has attracted the attention of the market and users, that is, Huawei has taken the M2 Youth Edition 7.0 inches. The product is hailed as "more powerful than a mobile phone and more portable than a tablet." So, how is this most powerful cross-border small flat-panel phone made? Let's take a look at it.

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Polishing the big screen from the details

Huawei took the M2 Youth Edition 7.0 inches, as the name suggests, equipped with a 7-inch large screen. In the field of portable mobile devices, 7-inch is widely considered to be the best meeting point for mobile phones and tablet products. Huawei's 7-inch screen of M2 Youth Edition is in this subtle "tipping point". There is a certain consideration: on the one hand, it has a large screen visual enjoyment of the tablet, whether it is browsing the web, viewing pictures, video or multiple application scenarios. The experience is undoubtedly excellent. On the other hand, adding products to the phone's various functions will undoubtedly make the application coverage more extensive, not just an "entertainment device."

In order to make the product have a better experience, Huawei took the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch with a 7-inch top screen with a resolution of up to 1920 X 1200 FHD and a pixel density of 323 PPI. In order to further improve the contrast of the screen display, Huawei took the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch screen contrast of up to 1000:1, the details of the dark part at a glance. At the same time, the viewing angle reaches 178°, which means that the content of the screen can be clearly seen at almost the same angle.

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Even in the details that users can't detect, Huawei has carefully polished the M2 Youth Edition 7.0 inches. For example, in filtering blue light harmful to the human eye, Huawei has adopted the exclusive ClariVu2.0 screen display enhancement technology. Effectively protects vision, and automatically switches between different display modes according to the user's use of the APP to enhance the viewing and reading experience. The design of these subtleties is a reflection of Huawei's attitude towards the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch excellence.

Technology plus side fingerprint

In the 2016, the fingerprint unlocking has become the standard for the thousand yuan machine. Huawei will take the M2 Youth Edition 7.0 inches as a cross-border product. Naturally, it will not fall behind. Thanks to Huawei's strong technical heritage, Huawei has taken the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch. Fingerprint unlocking has three major advantages.

First, Huawei took the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch for the first time to introduce side fingerprints in the small flat-panel mobile phone cross-border products. This module uses the Swedish FPC company's new generation of touch-type side fingerprint recognition technology, and the speed of fingerprint unlocking is further than similar products. Boost, unlock the screen and unlock the response speed as fast as 0.7 seconds, and support multiple angles to unlock sensitively. At the same time, the unlocking module is placed on the side of the mobile phone, which fully considers the inconvenience of the user in unlocking the large screen, making it possible to unlock one hand.

Second, for the one-hand operation experience of the large screen machine, Huawei has taken M2 Youth Edition 7.0 inches to add a variety of combined gesture functions in the fingerprint module, such as clicking the fingerprint module, can stop ringing when the alarm sounds, the call interface Press the short press to answer the call. In the camera interface, click to take the photo directly; double-click the fingerprint module to clear the information in the notification bar; slide the fingerprint module up and down to retrieve and pop up the notification bar. It allows users to easily and easily operate while reading, video, and browsing the web.

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Third, Huawei's M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch has added a strong security technology to the fingerprint module. Huawei's chip-level security solution uses physical isolation to store fingerprint information in a separate chip, so users don't have to worry about privacy. Leak problems, play mobile phone payments, apply privacy and more.

Fashion design to play new tricks

Huawei has taken the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch integrated design, and the strong industrial design strength is similar to the product, showing the appearance of far superior products. First of all, the fuselage adopts integrated design, round and rich form, exquisite and elegant, more pearl white, light gold, quiet blue, crystal powder 4 different colors for users to choose.

After adding a large battery of up to 4360mAh, the body thickness is still only 8.2mm, and the weight is only 250g. In the same kind of products, the light and portable degree is unique. At the same time, the fuselage is corrugated and further optimized for one-handed operation. The added anti-slip enhanced paint touch paint makes it a pleasure for the user to hold the machine every time.

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Not only that, Huawei also has a flagship configuration for the M2 Youth Edition 7.0-inch. Including 5 megapixel front camera and 13 megapixel rear camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 core high speed processor and 3G big memory, 4G dual card dual standby full Netcom, enough to meet users' daily applications, games, video, reading, etc. A variety of needs.

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