The domestic hardware lock enterprise profits gradually reduce the industry integration road is imperative

At present, the annual export volume of the domestic lock industry has reached more than 40 billion yuan, the production capacity has exceeded 2 billion sets, and the annual export volume has exceeded 10 billion yuan. In the future, the Chinese lock market will continue to grow at a rate of more than 20% per year. While pushing the growth of China's lock industry, the future of the lock industry is not limited. However, the decline in profits during the growth of the lock market is imperative.

Domestic hardware locks companies gradually reduce profits

Generally speaking, consumers purchase hardware products at any nearby grocery store or daily supermarket. The reason is that the hardware industry does not cultivate professional markets, and traditional hardware distribution centers lack systematic marketing strategies and related Regional protection, not to mention a stable price system. If there is a professional hardware market, there will be a strong market supervision, consumer's purchase of centripetal force can be formed, and the market order is also good.

What if the lock market profit declines seriously?

Lack of comprehensive brand skills. After careful understanding, it is not difficult to invent. The hardware products circulating on the market today are rough in workmanship, single style and outdated, and brand protection is insufficient. These seriously depress consumers' trust in products, while consumers purchase hardware products. It is precisely for the brand that it attaches great importance to it. It can be said that it is the primary demand for purchasing products. The comprehensive strength of the brand undoubtedly restricts the overall growth of the hardware industry.

Foreign companies have seized the market. China's hardware products, especially molds, are mostly produced in a small workshop mode. The professionalism and exquisiteness of the products produced are insufficient. The foreign mold companies are small and specialized, small and fine, which opens the door for foreign-invested enterprises to enter the Chinese market. The channel. Raw materials rose and profit margins were low. The direct despicable material for hardware products is steel, and the price of steel continues to rise. Taking bathroom hardware as an example, the production of raw materials for a faucet product is the largest. At present, the main faucet is mainly copper material, and the price of copper is 38,000 yuan/ton. It is understood that the cost of raw materials accounts for the entire production cost. More than 70%, according to the domestic gross profit margin of 30%, the cost of a faucet has reached 200 yuan.

The road to lock integration is imperative

Then, how can we comprehensively improve the manufacturing quality of Chinese locks and enable the industry to enter the integration path.

The development trend of China's lock products should be: high precision, high efficiency, high firmness, multi-function; two specifications, multiple varieties; three-scale, serialization, generalization, display its characteristics; process and technical strengthening should: Cutting technology, stamping technology, die-casting technology, appearance processing technology, automatic assembly line, etc.

The Chinese lock industry should have an overall organizational goal, and the technological advancement will not improve chaos year by year, such as product layout, product quality, technical equipment, innovation skills, talent layout and so on. Today, with the increasing competition in the international market, if Chinese locks are still uninnovated and stop, they will be eliminated by the international market. Like modern high-tech operations in Italy, the United States, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and France, it can be called a strong country, and their technological level and technological level are leading the world.

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