Small and strong size design do not make these mistakes

Small apartment design does not mean that there is less functionality. On the contrary, because there is less space, it is more efficient and effective when it comes to small apartment design. Small-sized units do not mean that they must be discounted in appearance. Instead, many small-sized units can design warm and unique effects because of their compact space. However, owners need to be aware that some designs are not suitable for small-sized units, but they do it by themselves.

1, live for a long time before they found how important to store

The design of small-sized houses is very important. It is always necessary to think about which areas can squeeze out the places where they are stored to “hide” home-related items. Some homeowners in the renovation of the house because of the limited space, not willing to put some space as a storage area, resulting in some home supplies can not be properly incorporated. When I just finished, I couldn’t feel it. If I live a long time, I will find that there are more and more sundries in life. Stacking them casually not only affects cleanliness, but also occupies space. You know, the function of decoration is more important than the appearance. During the renovation, only reasonable use of space will not be wasted, but at the same time taking into account the beauty.

2, small units basically bid farewell to the big chandelier

The living area of ​​a small-sized apartment is usually not large. Some owners will install a very thick layer of ceiling in the living room in order to increase the number of ceilings. The floor height will be lowered and an extra large chandelier will be installed. Only when the guests are used to show off, it must be a good look with the premise. What you feel more often in the ordinary course is its reduced height and the congestion and depression it causes.

3, range hoods to look good or practical

Range hoods are one of the most important kitchen appliances in the kitchen. Choosing a range hood is primarily to consider its suction effect, rather than let the hood become a kitchen decoration. Of course, the appearance can be better viewed under the premise of satisfying the function. of. If you don't care about suction, just pick a good one, and if you do it properly, you will know that the original choice was wrong.

4, wine coolers are not suitable for Chinese families most of the time

Due to the influence of European-style decoration in recent years, some small-sized houses also need to create a large number of cabinets, including wine cabinets and even fixed wine racks. In fact, they are more of a decoration. They are really overkill and they also take up space.

5, too cumbersome TV background wall

The TV wall of the small-sized design should not be overly luxurious. The background wall is designed to make the walls on the back side of the TV not too obtrusive and simple to decorate, or to select TV cabinets with storage functions to integrate decoration and storage. , beautiful and practical. If you use a pure hard-mounted luxury TV background wall, it will make people feel too much force, and is not commensurate with the room type.

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