Sun shed installation steps and construction process flow

Because the income of the sun shed is getting better and better, especially in recent years, the sun shed has gotten more and more fire. This has directly promoted the development of the sun shed market to be getting better and better. Many people have not done business friends in this area. All of them started to build a sun shed business. Many friends are still unfamiliar with the installation of the sun shed . Today, taking advantage of this opportunity to explain to everyone the basic situation of the sun shed, to provide a platform for the needs of friends and future needs of friends, so that you know the sun shed installation steps.

Sun shed material

The light shed material mainly includes: tempered glass, sun board, color steel plate, Degowa, broken bridge aluminum and so on. The traditional technology of the top of the sun shed is mostly tempered glass. The second generation of insulated sunlight sheds and the third generation of broken aluminum sun awnings are listed one after another. After the top material is changed, the problem of overheating in the summer of the glass top sun room is well solved. The framework material of the sun shed is welded with high-strength carbon steel, and the color aluminum profiles are used for exterior decoration. The structure is firm, and it is resistant to wind and wind.

Sun shed application scope

Scope of application: Lighting ceilings for office buildings, department stores, hotels, villas, schools, stadiums, entertainment centers and public facilities; noise barriers for highways and urban viaducts; canopies for agricultural greenhouses, flower greenhouses and indoor swimming pools; subways Entrance canopy, station, parking lot, shopping mall, pavilion, lounge, hallway lamp canopy; bank anti-theft counter, jewelry shop anti-theft window; advertising light box, bus station panel, advertising display card; office, home indoor partition, pedestrian access, Fences, balconies, showers, etc.

Sun shed prices

The cost of the sun sheds varies from high to low. Generally speaking, the price of the sun sheds is related to the relevant factors such as the brands, manufacturers, materials, and specifications of the sun sheds. In addition, some solar sheds will have more purchases, which means that the greater the amount of purchases, the more privilege and the lower the price. In addition, the prices of the sun sheds for different sellers and time points are not the same and there are differences.


Sun shed production requirements

1. Deepen the design: Before the production of the sun shed, Party B must conduct secondary design based on the shed style and color shown in the landscape drawings. The design plan must be designed and approved by Party A before it can be processed.

2. Connection method: The main shaft of the sun shed and the finished retaining wall are 200*160*12 pre-embedded steel plates, M16*190 chemical anchors are connected, and the keel laying must be horizontal and vertical to ensure a smooth contact area with the sun board. Make the sun plate tight and firm.

3, welding grinding: seam full of welding, grinding and polishing; weld ≥ 5mm, uniform and smooth weld, no obvious flaws. No welding, leaking, or surfacing welding, smooth polished welds, smooth and no burrs.

4. Surface treatment: Before the metal surface is formed, sand and rust shall be used as anti-rust paint. After welding, the solder joints shall be cleaned and coated with anti-rust paint. A paint shall be applied (the color shall be determined by the Owner).

5, fixed aluminum plate buckle must wear waterproof plastic strips.

6. The bead is fixed on the buckle with glass glue, and the glass glue is sealed on both sides.

7. The use of glass glue requires full and uniform seams, smooth and smooth, and it cannot be permeated with water.

8, the sun board cutting size is accurate, the installation must be smooth, solid, no loosening. Silicone weatherproof sealant filling density, straight, no pollution.

9, finished product protection, to prevent welding, cutting and other sparks and splashing of particulate matter damage the sun board. Do not walk at will.

Sun shed installation and construction sequence

Measure the pay line → install the main framework of the sun board ceiling → adjust, level, fix the main framework of the sun board ceiling → install and level the sun board ceiling sub frame → install the outer layer of the sun board → apply glue, install the batten → install the inner layer of the sun board → Applying glue, installing layering → adjusting and handling the details of the external opening of the sun roof.


Sun awning installation construction process

Line: According to the height of the drawing and the size of the sun roof and measured centerline, pop up the position of the main frame of the sun roof.

Embedded parts: According to the position of the main frame of the sun deck ceiling in the elevation control line, check whether the elevation of the upper surface of the hole anti-beam meets the design requirements. If there is any difference, it shall be cut or leveled with a high-strength cement mortar. After the strength is reached, deepen the design. The node details the size of the embedded steel plate to release the position of the expansion bolt, then drill the expansion bolt and install the steel plate and the expansion bolt to fix it. Then the main skeleton center line is cast on the embedded steel plate.

Install the main skeleton: According to the pop-up of the main frame of the sun roof, firstly install the middle part of the two ends. The method is: after the main skeleton of the 60mm×60mm×3mm square steel pipe (galvanized) is assembled on the roof, install it with human. On the position line, hang the vertical surface with a wire drop and temporarily fix it in the middle to weld with the embedded steel plate. After the main frames at both ends are in good condition, pull the middle and sides of each 1500mm height (measured from the supports at both ends of the steel plate) into three longitudinal lines, and then install them from one end to the other to complete.

Installation of sub-skeleton: After the installation and fixation of the sun deck ceiling main skeleton, install the 60mm x 60mm x 3mm square steel sub-frame of the sun roof and align the position. After leveling, weld and fix the main skeleton. When installing the sun board, place a dampproof agent.

Then install the sun board: In accordance with the deep design layout position, will be ready for the appropriate size of the outer layer of 20mm thick sun plate to install, after installation, the sun board edge, longitudinal seam, transverse seam in a line.

Applying glue and installing a bead: After fully inspecting the installation quality of the outer layer of the sun board, install the outer layer of the gold ternary sun board, and then play the weatherproof glue, and then install a special aluminum alloy bead. The spacing and location of the screws for mounting the batten must conform to the drawings.

Install the inner sun board: In accordance with the position of the drawing, the inner 16mm thick sun board with proper dimensions shall be installed, and the upper board bottom shall be wiped clean with white towel while cleaning the inner sun board. After the clean installation is allowed, so that the interlayer contamination cannot be cleaned, affecting the macro effect. After all the sun panels have been installed, the perimeter of the sun deck roof must also be constructed according to the nodes in the drawings. The shelter can only be removed after all the enclosures have been closed (including glass curtain gables). The protective shelter must be carried out according to the requirements of the scaffold removal, and finished product protection to prevent the finished product from being damaged.

Editor's summary: The production of the sun shed is also considered a project. Although it is not complicated, it needs to be very serious. The welding of each interface must be carefully and carefully. This reminds friends, if you want to do a sun shed, the most Good or go to a regular company, ask some professional team to do it. Otherwise, some amateur teams will have quality deviations, mistakes, and will cause great trouble for future use, and there will be certain risks. When something unexpected happens, you must try.

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