V&C Cork flooring price list can resist fatigue floor

People use cork flooring for a long time, which is helpful for people who often suffer from rheumatism. Has good health, softness, comfort, good foot feel and good fatigue resistance. Where Vicwood flooring is very popular in the market, what about Vicwood floor? What are the Vicwood Cork Flooring Price Lists ? Let's take a look at it right away.

[How to choose Vicwood flooring]
First, good health, softness, comfort, good foot feel and good fatigue resistance.
Each cork cell is a closed air cell. When external pressure is applied, the cells will shrink and the internal pressure will increase. When the pressure is lost, the air pressure inside the cell will restore the cells to their original state. This resilience of cork can greatly reduce the stress caused by standing on the back, legs, and ankles of the human body for a long time. It is also beneficial to the growth of children's bones and the protection of the knee joints of the elderly. It can provide a cushioning effect for accidental falls, and can maximize the impact. Limit the degree of harm to the human body. In addition, the cork flooring is naturally beautiful and unique in color. It meets the modern people's pursuit of practical comfort, return to nature, and return to nature's psychological needs. Second, wear, non-slip, long life characteristics, and fully protect the customer's use of benefits.
Due to its unique honeycomb wood structure, cork has a large amount of air, excellent elasticity and wear resistance, and its wear resistance is 200 times that of hardwood flooring. Under the microscope, the surface of the cork floor is a small suction cup formed by countless cork cells that have been cut, which reduces the relative movement between the footsteps and the floor, increases the coefficient of friction, reduces friction, and achieves the purpose of anti-slip, even if the floor There is water or oil on it and it will not slip. The coefficient of friction is 0.4 to 6 for excellent (up to 7). The service life of sandwiches and cork floors is also very long, and the good cost-effectiveness fully protects the customers' use benefits.

Third, Vicwood flooring has good physical properties.
1. The structure is reasonable and the dimensional stability is good. Cork laminate flooring is not cracked or cracked when the temperature and humidity change rapidly. It is not only suitable for drying the cold north, but also suitable for the hot and humid south.
2. Sound Absorption, Sound Insulation, Noise Reduction Due to the sound damping properties of cork, cork flooring becomes an excellent material for noise reduction and noise reduction. It is particularly suitable for paving in recording studios, conference rooms, libraries, reading rooms, and elderly people. Human settlements, classrooms and high-rise buildings. Honeycomb's cellular structure has achieved the reputation of "natural acoustic absorber" in cork flooring.
3, good thermal insulation performance Cork composite floor heat resistance range is minus 60 °C - zero above 80 °C, thermal conductivity of 0.038. Because cork itself has the feeling of being warm in winter and cool in summer, and the cells in the cork cells account for 75% of the air in the cavity, it is better to keep warm and heat-insulating. In summer, the intrusion of hot outdoor air can be reduced. In winter, indoor hot air can be prevented from leaking through the ground. This ensures that the surface temperature of the floor is constant. Even in the winter, you can feel the warmth, comfort and nature of the floor surface.
[Vickon Cork Flooring Price List]
Fukang softwood flooring wood color series 0824 580 yuan / square meter VCOM timber cork flooring natural color series 0821 620 yuan / square meters Vkon Kang cork flooring wood color series 0801 520 yuan / square meter Vkon Kang cork flooring I series I806 730 yuan / square meter VCOM Kang softwood Floor I series I803 730 yuan / square meter

Xiaobian epilogue: The above has introduced a simple VKON cork flooring price list and hopes to help everyone. For more relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to this website information platform. Follow-up will present more exciting content for everyone.

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