Secondary Structure Pouring Pump Working Principle and Performance Introduction

[Asia Pump Network News] Secondary structure pouring pump in the construction of this project has a very important role, then the working principle of the pump and performance are like? Let us find out together. Secondary structure pouring pump working principle and performance Introduction Secondary structure pouring pump principle: 1. Full hydraulic control hydraulic system, circuit optimization design, low heat loss, the system more stable. 2.S tube valve with high manganese steel casting molding, easy to wear surface surfacing wear materials; glasses plate and cutting ring with high hard wear-resistant alloy, pressure wear. 3. Pistons using imported raw materials, fuel tank seals and key components imported electrical components. Secondary structure pouring pump performance: 1, the structure is simple, strong adaptability. 2, high pumping pressure, conveying distance. 3, high efficiency: large displacement, high overall efficiency. 4, high performance: sprayed concrete performance, dense, homogeneous, high strength. 5, high reliability: the key components using well-known domestic brands to ensure high reliability equipment. 6, quick-setting additive to add and control technology: domestic famous brand pneumatic metering pump measurement accuracy, atomization jet and nozzle flow mixing make quick-setting agent and concrete mixing. 7. Reduce the concentration of dust outside the machine and nozzle, eliminating the harm to the workers' health. 8, low rebound. Dry spray, the concrete rebound of 15% - 50%, the use of wet spray technology, the rebound rate can be reduced to below 10%, effectively saving costs. 9, the use of wind cooling cooling hydraulic oil, a simple ring 10, a multi-purpose machine can be used as a wet spraying machine can also be used as a concrete pump (Editor: Yunhai) Extended reading: 2016 Beijing Petroleum Exhibition pump valve pipe fittings Exhibition Information 2016 Exhibition Information 2016 China World Expo

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