What is the impact on the price of stable soil mixing stations?

Dingan Machinery has been specializing in stable soil mixing stations and concrete mixing plants for many years. We also know a lot about this market. Let's share the factors affecting the price of stable soil mixing stations. We hope to help you with the purchase intention.
First, the selection of raw materials There are many manufacturers of stable soil mixing stations on the market. The raw materials of the equipment are also different from one manufacturer to another. The two raw materials required are steel, belts, and electrical devices. Different steels are selected according to different needs. , belts and electrical components, to close the procurement of raw materials, must choose the formal enterprise production, and most of the market use a good reputation of the national standard products, quality inspection and certification must be complete.
Second, the quality of the comparison is the essence of the product, and there is no market for products without quality.
Third, the specifications are different. The price is different. According to different requirements, the requirements are generally met by changing the width of the belt conveyor and the length of the mixer. For example, 300/400 can be used for some small amount. For projects with high quality of finished products requiring mixing, it is recommended to choose 600-700t/h, so the specifications are different and the equipment prices are also different.
In view of several factors, I hope everyone will shop around when they are buying, and understand the situation in many ways to make choices!

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Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor

Scope of adaptation:
Requires a highly clean, beautiful, clean, sterile electronic, microelectronics industry, the implementation of the GMP standard pharmaceutical industry, blood products industry, can also be used for schools, offices, homes and other floors.
Performance characteristics:
1, made of high quality epoxy resin, modified amine Curing Agent and reactive diluent;
2, the surface is smooth, beautiful, up to mirror effect;
3, acid, alkali, salt, oil corrosion, especially good alkali resistance;
4, wear, pressure, impact resistance, a certain flexibility;
Service life:
2mm / 8 years, 3mm / 10 years, 4mm / 12 years, 5mm / 15 years.
Technical index:



drying time,h

Table dry




Tensile Strength


Bending strength


Compressive strength


Shore hardness




Wear resistance(750g/500r,weightlessness,g)


Adhesive strength


30% resistant to sulfuric acid

30 days to allow a slight discoloration

25% resistant to sodium chloride

30 days without exception

30% resistant to salt water

30 days without exception



Construction Technology:
1, the base surface treatment;
2, brushing closed base oil;
3, batch scratch epoxy mortar coating;
4, polished, vacuuming;
5, with self-leveling epoxy paint Tu Tu;

Epoxy Mortar Self Leveling Floor

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