The structure and principle of steam boiler

There are too many forms of steam boilers, just to mention an ordinary fast-loading 4 ton steam boiler. The water is heated into steam in the drum, and the heat is emitted from the furnace, which is the principle of the steam boiler.

Said the boiler first said "pot". The boiler is a boiler-type boiler with a water-cooled crucible, and two returning pyrotechnic tubes are arranged in the left and right sections of the drum, and the front smoke box at the front of the drum is folded back. Between the drum and the lower box, there is a down pipe and a water-cooled manifold to form a frame of the combustion chamber. There is a steam separator in the upper part of the drum to reduce the water brought out by the water vapor. The heating surface of the pot is the lower part of the drum, the water-cooled manifold and the pyrotechnic tube.

The combustion section consists of a chain grate and a drive unit, plus a combustion chamber formed by the pot body frame on the grate frame. Four surrounding refractory materials. Coal is entered by the coal hopper, and the coal sluice plate controls the thickness of the coal seam while sealing the front air.

The lower part of the combustion chamber is where the blast enters. This type of boiler has a large resistance and requires forced air blowing. The burnt cinder is discharged through the "Eagle's Mouth" at the back of the grate and sent out of the furnace by the slag discharge machine. From the back of the boiler, the flue gas is forwarded by a return pipe of the drum, returned to the rear by the two return pipes, and then separated into the dust collector to separate the ash, and then discharged by the chimney through the induced draft fan. The induced draft fan is not only the exhaust gas but also the negative pressure operation of the boiler. The steam boiler is a pressure vessel and a safety device is necessary. Boiler necessary water level gauge, pressure gauge, safety valve, thermometer, electric water pump that can replenish water under pressure, and steam pump that can also be used when power is off. Boiler water must be softened, as well as water treatment equipment.

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Label: Structure and principle of steam boiler

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