How to avoid open kitchen fumes?

The open kitchen blends in with the other home spaces to enhance visual transparency. So since the choice of open kitchen decoration, the problem of soot is also a real problem that cannot escape. Today, Xiaobian will introduce how to avoid soot problems in the open kitchen decoration design.

First, the glass wall is both transparent and smoke-free

Many people want to have the open function of the kitchen, but also want to separate the fumes, the best use of glass walls to deal with. This is both transparent and isolated, and it is very soundproof. The noise in the kitchen is not heard outside.

The most important thing to do in a glass wall is to find the structure of the glazing. At present, there are stainless steel and wood on the market, and the quotations are different. In addition, the choice of hardware is also very important. If the quality of the hardware is not good, it will directly affect the application effect of the glass wall. Glass demand is often sorted out, otherwise the oil smoke is large, and it is always too long to pile up together and clean.

Second, some are open and properly occluded

Some people don't want to close the kitchen all at once. They want to make a half-spaced method. In fact, there are many ways to separate the kitchen from other areas. The bar spacing is useful, and it is separated by various materials such as glass, stainless steel, and curtains. However, this half-space method does not have much effect on the soot, and the soot is not blocked by some interval.

If the kitchen is made somewhat open, as long as the orientation of a window sill is the same as that of the restaurant, such a fume is better to dispose of. When cooking, you can use glass, curtains or other things to block it. Taking it away is also a way.

Third, increase the power of the range hood

There are many people who don't want to change the format of the open kitchen. The best way is to add the power of the range hood. The deep-cover range hood uses oil absorption as a primary policy, compared to a suitable open kitchen.

The deep-cover range hood paints a deeper hood to prevent the smoke from dispersing. For Chinese families who often cook and like to fry, stir-fry, cook and fry, the Chinese deep-draw is easy to remove and wash. Hoods are becoming more useful.

In addition to avoiding soot in the decoration design, the open kitchen also requires us to clean the kitchen in daily life so that the kitchen environment can be cleaner and cleaner.

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