Keeping in mind when using electrical safety switch switch socket installation Raiders

Switches and sockets are accessories that are frequently used in our daily lives. The safety and durability of these accessories are of great concern to us. Only the installation of qualified switches and sockets can ensure the convenience and safety of residential electricity. Therefore, the installation and construction of switch sockets is very important. Therefore, in order to ensure the safety of the switch socket, we should carefully prepare before the installation, select the regular switch socket, understand the installation of safety knowledge.

A, switch socket ready

1, more secure brand product quality

Switch sockets are commonly used electrical accessories in daily life. For safety, it is recommended that owners use best-known brands. The price of branded products is often tens of yuan higher than the general quality, but it has excellent technology and perfect services to ensure consumers can use it with confidence. Most brands can provide consumers with an effective warranty commitment. The product packaging should have a clear factory address, telephone number, and instructions for use and certification.

2, check the product quality and structure

It is best to choose a regular brand switch outlet, but also to choose high-quality products. When picking, pick up the switch or socket, and ask the surface to be smooth and the material is hard and thick; then try it out and ask the switch to make the sound clear and crisp, the outlet must be protected, and a certain amount of force is required to insert and withdraw; at the same time, the switch socket can also be inquired. The internal materials, quality products using phosphor bronze conductive, with composite silver for electric shock.

Second, install the accessories to prepare

Before installing the switch socket on the wall, we can first prepare enough accessories according to the installation instructions, such as metal expansion bolts, plastic expansion tubes, galvanized screws, etc., which can be purchased in the regular hardware stores.

Third, install the tool to prepare

In addition, special installation tools such as tape measure, level ruler, wire fall, drill for drilling, and tie-in taper, as well as insulating gloves and wire strippers for installation are required before installation.

Fourth, the installation conditions

The installation of switch sockets needs to meet certain operating conditions. It is required that the renovation of walls, paintings, and wallpapers be completed before completion of the renovation work. And the circuit pipelines and boxes have been laid and insulation telemetry has been completed. During the operation, the weather is clear and the house is dry and ventilated. The power supply to the electric box is cut off.

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