Family balcony decoration notes that this decoration is comfortable

The balcony is a place of cultivation: to cultivate flowers and plants, to cultivate fish, to sit in the window and to sit in the chair, to take a drink with green tea, a small balcony, bloom and leisure charm, flower blossom, cloud Scroll Yunshu and bring everything back to the eye. In life, when the balcony serves as a leisure club, it also has more practical value. To withstand wind and rain, the clothes are left open, and there is a function to store objects. Then, the next small series for everyone to introduce home balcony decoration considerations.

First, the home balcony decoration design

All facilities and space arrangements on the balcony should be practical and at the same time pay attention to safety and hygiene. The area of ​​the balcony is generally not large. Between about 3-4 Pingshe, people must not only move but also plant flowers and plants, and sometimes pile up debris. Improper arrangement can cause confusion and congestion. Small balconies should not be arranged too much. Try to save space to meet the main functions. The beauty of the balcony is reflected in the vitality revealed in the contact with nature, which makes people feel the beauty enjoyment that cannot be obtained in the general interior. You can cultivate some potted plants in the balcony, both for viewing and shade. The enclosed balcony can be fitted with aluminum alloy or plastic steel windows along the edge of the balcony, and it is decorated into a place with special functions, such as decoration for the greenhouse, specifically for the cultivation of flowers and plants; or decoration for the study, bedroom and so on.

Second, family balcony decoration should pay attention to waterproof

The first waterproof refers to the waterproof of the balcony window. In the south, the construction techniques of balcony windows are often the key to your family's ability to survive the typhoon season. Waterproof balcony window, the first window to re-quality, better sealing. Do not make mistakes in the outward direction of the waterproof box. If your balcony doesn't have windows at all, or if your balcony window doesn't waterproof well, then it's your second waterproof line.

The second waterproof refers to the waterproof of the balcony floor. The first step to waterproof the balcony floor is to ensure that the floor has a slope. The lower side is a drain outlet. The second is to ensure that the balcony and the living room have at least a 2-3 cm difference in height.

Third, the family balcony decoration design five coup

1, exquisite balcony study

The balcony is closed with glass and wood into a small study room at home. The green leaves outside the window are as if they are within reach. It seems that they will enter the room immediately, and the nature and the room will blend in this small space on the balcony. In order to save space, desks, bookshelves and filing cabinets can be designed to be very compact and chic, providing both perfect practical functions and less space.

2, double balcony decoration points primary and secondary

Many homes have two or even three balconies. In the design of home renovations, the double balconies should be separated from each other and they should not be treated equally. The balcony adjacent to the living room and master bedroom is the main balcony, and the function is mainly leisure. In terms of the use of the decoration materials, it is not so different from the living room. More commonly used materials are laminate flooring, floor tiles, etc. If the enclosure is done well, it can also be carpeted. Internal wall latex paints are generally used on walls and ceilings, and the types and styles should be consistent with the living room and master bedroom. The sub-balcony is generally adjacent to the kitchen or communicates with the living room and the room outside the master bedroom. The function of the secondary balcony is mainly storage, clothes and so on. Therefore, this balcony can be decorated without encapsulation, the ground should use anti-skid tiles that are not afraid of water, and the top wall and exterior wall paint. For convenience of storage, lockers can be placed on the secondary balconies to store debris.

3, to stay in a green space

In modern homes, people tend to stay away from nature and therefore need to add more green space. If you like to cultivate flowers and cultivate grass, you can design the corner of the balcony as a flower and grass exhibition area. The green small brick on the wall is the best background. Although the area is limited, it can provide the owner with a good place for leisure and fitness.

4, curved top chic generous

If the balcony is larger and located on the top floor, it should belong to the "terrace." The balcony can be used as a room by adding a transparent curved roof. The sun shines through the lighting panels on the walls made of Korean culture stone, as well as the ground of blue stone slabs, and also illuminates the “human” type of cobblestone path... These gardening tactics, used on the balcony, will give People have a strong casual atmosphere.

5, balcony decoration skillfully use brick

At the top of the balcony, you can use the “hanging beam” technique in traditional Chinese architecture to make two “false beams” of red eucalyptus. The walls use façade tiles, while the floor uses simple Spanish tiles. This combination of interior and exterior design and depth will make the atmosphere of the entire balcony different.

Editor's summary: The home balcony decoration precautions are introduced here, and I hope to help everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

Balcony decoration

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