How IP Speedball Meets Industry Needs

How to effectively improve the night-time effect of IP high-speed dome camera and make it more clear at night?

From a technical point of view, the best way to solve the night effect is to fill up the light, whether it is infrared fill light, laser fill light, white light fill light, can make up for the nighttime effect of IP high-speed high-speed ball.

How can we see farther and more completely under the premise of seeing clearly?

Like the development direction of the SD movement, a higher magnification HD integrated movement will soon be available. In the era of high-definition integrated movement, the lens design with a higher magnification will become the focus of technology. Such a lens can solve the problem of seeing further. However, due to the needs of high-speed ball applications, the more complete ones will also become a direction for technological development. The so-called full, refers to when the movement in the observation of a target, will not lose the overall scene of the monitoring image.

How to further reduce the deployment cost of IP high-speed dome surveillance system?

The deployment cost of IP high-speed high-speed ball is mainly composed of transmission system cost, storage system cost and maintenance cost of IP high-speed high-speed ball. The reduction of the cost of transmission systems and storage systems will mainly depend on the improvement of the efficiency of coding algorithms, such as the H.264 HighProfile technology mentioned above. Of course, other methods can also be considered, such as the storage (2.5 inch hard disk) pre-IP HD high-speed ball, the benefits of this are obvious, directly reducing the video dependence on the IP network transmission system, while the storage The system is more rationally allocated to the use side. For the maintenance cost of IP high-speed dome, it can be based on the ONVIF protocol to realize the "0" configuration of equipment deployment and maintenance, simplify the operation requirements of construction personnel, and reduce the difficulty of system maintenance.

How to meet the industry application requirements based on high definition image quality?

Due to the advent of high-definition era, massive data storage and sorting will be a big test for managers. The need for intelligence by users will become more and more prominent. The management of unstructured video data streams for data structure will be very helpful to managers. The so-called data structure is to pre-identify the content of interest in the surveillance video through intelligent pre-positioning, and collate it into data that can be retrieved. IP high-speed domes meet the application requirements of specific industries by learning and analyzing these data. For example, intelligent tracking will be more accurate.

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