How to solve the problem that IP network cameras have no sound or poor sound quality

1. If it is to determine the LINE audio input port, then check if the power supply of the microphone is normal and check whether the pickup is connected correctly.

2, first determine whether the network camera audio input is: LINEIN (linear level)

If the above two cases are determined, the sound quality recorded by the network camera is still very vague or has no sound?

1, first check, pick up the audio signal output connection, the general network camera audio input connector is 3.5 headphone connector, then the corresponding pickup audio signal line, it is necessary to switch to 3.5 headphone connector.

2. It should be noted that although you plugged in the 3.5 headphone connector, but the 3.5 connector, he is divided into two channels and single channel, that is, stereo and mono, check whether your 3.5 connector is dual channel or Single channel.

3, now some of the brand's network camera audio input is also available: LINE and MIC input, that is to say an audio input port, he may be the left channel is the LINE right channel is the MIC, in this case, You can't connect the left and right channels together and connect the positive 3.5. For example, if the negative electrode is connected to the negative electrode, then the positive electrode is connected to one of the 3.5 connectors, and then listen to the sound. If it is not normal, change it to another audio cable. But can't carry on the parallel connection of the left and right channels, also forbid to use the monophonic 3.5 joints, must use the dual-channel joint.

The 3.5 connector is a standard interface in the world. If the 3.5 headphone connector has two black lines, it represents a dual channel interface. The two black lines are actually from the insulating ring. The sharpest part at the top of the 3.5 connector is stereo left. Channel, the middle of the insulation ring is the right channel, and the negative is the ground at the root. If it is a mono 3.5 connector, the opposite is to see only a black insulating ring, the tip is positive, the root to the negative!

4. If it is confirmed to be mono, then the positive electrode of the pickup is connected to the positive electrode of 3.5, and the negative electrode corresponds to the negative electrode. If you have two channels, then there will be a three-core cable. The negative electrode of the pickup is connected to the negative electrode of 3.5, and the positive electrode is connected to the other two wires corresponding to the 3.5 connector, which are the left and right channels respectively.

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