Detector knowledge quiz!

1. How much does the lens window window affect the detector? What is the difference between a precision lens and an ordinary lens?

The lens window is dense, and the detection distance will be far, but it may not be detected at close range. The window detection distance will be closer, and the range closer to the detection is better.

2. What is the difference between the spatial detector Fresnel lens and the curtain type?

There are 31 Fresnel lens windows for spatial detectors and 11 for curtain-type Fresnel lenses. The shape of the two lens windows is different.

3. How does the detector prevent pets?

The detector uses advanced ASIC fuzzy logic digital analysis technology (patent) to intelligently analyze the body temperature, volume, and movement characteristics of intruded objects to determine whether the intrusion object is a true human body movement, and for non-real human body movement. Does not trigger an alarm to reach the pet.

4. If the temperature changes drastically, ie, the instantaneous temperature difference is large, how does the detector achieve warming?

The detector compensates for temperature changes by the thermal element. When the temperature changes, the thermal element compensates the temperature by changing the resistance value.

5. How does the detector detect the intruder? Which sensor is more important than the Fresnel lens?

The detection of the intruder by the detector is realized by two key components of the passive infrared detector. One is a pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR), which can change the infrared signal with a wavelength between 8 and 12 um. It is converted into electrical signals and can suppress white light signals in nature. When no one is moving, the PIR senses only the background temperature of the detection area. When the human body enters the warning zone, it is sensed through the Fresnel lens. The difference between the human body temperature and the background temperature signal, and this signal is converted into an electrical signal. Another device is the Fresnel lens. The Fresnel lens has two functions: one is focusing, that is, the infrared signal is refracted (reflected) on the PIR. The second function is to divide the detection area into several Zones and dark areas allow moving objects entering the detection area to generate varying pyroelectric infrared signals on the PIR in the form of temperature changes. Both sensors and Fresnel lenses are indispensable.

6. What is the meaning of fuzzy logic in the detector specification? Who will choose to insert the encoding chip? How to choose the clock resistance?

Fuzzy logic refers to a set of mathematical model algorithms contained in the CPU. Its main function is to intelligently analyze the signals collected by the detection sensors, determine whether it is the movement of the human body or other objects, and truly realize the intelligence of the detector. The encoding chip and clock resistance are determined according to the wireless receiving requirements of the host manufacturers. Currently, the common encoding chips in the market are PT2262, SM5162, and the like.

7. Does the detector's shell material properties resist high temperature and flame-retardance, and are there technical parameters of the industry?

Engineering nylon is a new type of polyamide polymer engineering material developed on the basis of foreign monomer polymerization reaction. With high temperature should not be deformation and other characteristics. New-type engineering nylon with a specific gravity of 1.15 to 1.25T/M3, a linear expansion coefficient of (5 to 12) × 10-5/C, a heat distortion temperature of 120-180°C (1.8MP), and a hardness (HB) of 150~300N/MM2, coefficient of friction is 0.002~0.25, impact strength is 360~650KJ/M2, tensile strength is 70~150MPa, bending strength is 120~180MPa, compressive strength is 100~150MPa, The insulation strength is 8-20 MV/M.

8. What is the time delay after the infrared detector detects the human body?

The reaction time after the detector detects the human body is within 0.5 seconds

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