Explore the use of parking barrier controllers and barriers

Use parking lot gate controller should pay attention to the following points:

1. The performance of the alarm function depends on the performance of the alarm probe. The user should select the alarm probe according to the actual needs of the alarm. The controller is equipped with a pyro-alarm probe when it comes out of the factory. If you do not use the alarm function, the probe will not be enough.

2. The number of cable cores of the electric door should not be less than 8 lines (in the past, there were 7 lines, the wiring was not very reasonable), and the middle of the door body cable should not contain joints.

3, delay automatic stop function can be set according to the user's door trip, factory set to 145 seconds.

4. When this controller fails, it should be repaired by a professional or contacted by the supplier and the manufacturer. In order to avoid the failure to expand the impact of use.

5. The controller should be kept clean to prevent the ingress of water or other harmful substances. Cleaning the cabinet is strictly prohibited using organic solvents.

6. The type of the alarm probe output signal interface should be the relay output interface, and the supply voltage should be 12-15V DC, otherwise it cannot be directly powered by this controller. Probe power consumption should be ≤ 100 mA. According to the situation on the site can be equipped with more than one probe (usually 1 - 2 is appropriate), multi-probe parallel connection. The probe should be protected from other heat sources or direct light, and a rain cover should be added at the top.

7. The remote control transmitter should keep the casing well, to prevent the phenomena of extrusion, vibration, falling, and water ingress. Pay attention to check the battery voltage and replace it if necessary. When the remote control distance is too close, the battery should normally be replaced. The battery model is KC12V-23A. The remote control should try to avoid the source of electromagnetic interference.

8. When the direction of opening and closing is found to be opposite, connect the “V” and “W” terminals of the controller. Similarly, when the STOP display indicates that the direction is opposite to the actual one, adjust the wiring in the same way.

9. The remote controller is encrypted and used at the factory and cannot be exchanged. When the user needs to change, the manufacturer can change the password as required.

The use of Daozha should be focused on prevention. Attention should be paid to the installation and use of intelligent parking barriers, and the extended period of use should not be easily damaged. This will increase the service life of barriers.

1. The installation of smart parking barriers is generally on the level of the road surface. If there are slopes, attention must be paid to the installation specifications.

2. The installation of intelligent parking barriers must be carefully checked after the line is connected. If the detection is abnormal, it must be reinstalled.

3, the installation of the barrier and the coordination of the sense coil should be well coordinated, the output of the coil should be twisted to the barrier, and the distance should be as short as possible. After the connection, dry the cement and seal the nest.

4. The ground coil can't be damaged during the laying process, but also try to avoid the joint, otherwise the gate will not normally open the gate, fall off the gate, and the vehicle will not automatically fall off and other faults;

5. The parking lot barrier system has been adjusted to the moment balance according to the length of the rod before leaving the factory. If the gate rod is lengthened and cut according to the site conditions, the spring force should be readjusted to balance, otherwise the motor overheat and the reduction gear box will occur. Excessive wear. The barrier in the smart parking system is the guardian of the property, and the installation method and use of the barrier is also very important.

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