What is the importance of kitchen hardware? Introduction of kitchen hardware accessories

The things in the kitchen are messy. How can I store them in a well-organized manner? If you want to use some kitchen hardware accessories , what are the kitchen hardware accessories? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will take you to see its specific introduction.


The importance of kitchen hardware accessories:

For the kitchen decoration design, not only the overall attention, but also the attention to detail, the flexibility of the details can bring convenience in overall use. Hardware accessories can be said to be the most important part of the overall kitchen. It must be able to adapt to the kitchen environment, moisture, smoke and many other factors. Other hardware accessories include aluminum alloy kicking, folding doors, etc. When consumers choose, in addition to the overall grasp of the cabinet, they must not turn a blind eye to these small elements. At present, the imported hardware accessories on the market, Germany and Italy account for a relatively large share. They are the world's largest hardware producers, and the quality is at the forefront. Therefore, when buying, pay more attention to the brand of hardware features used, even if it costs more money. Decoration has become an important criterion for judging the quality of a family's life. But in the kitchen decoration, the most important and most overlooked is the hardware accessories.


       Common accessories for kitchen hardware:

Cabinet storage

       According to the size and space of the kitchen, you can customize the multi-layer cabinet storage table. Each layer can be used to find the home in the kitchen, and the neat size can also make a special decoration.

Various types of hooks

There are self-propelled and integral hooks that can be installed on the wall as needed. Different forks, chopsticks, mugs, and even small pans can be placed... to make the kitchen more upside down.

       Compartment pole and compartment plate

A small helper placed in a drawer, which can hold the things to be placed, and has a very detailed function, which is divided into a knife and fork component grid, a tableware compartment plate, and a tool compartment tray for convenient storage. No longer afraid to find what you need.

       Rag pylon

In fact, rag hangers are not only hardware materials, but also many wood. As people's requirements for cleaning continue to improve, hardware materials are more popular. The rag hanger is generally fixed on the back of the kitchen door, under the cabinet or on the wall for hanging rags, dishcloths, and the like.

       Fresh product

Unsatisfactory meals, fruits and unused vegetables need to be stored. You can choose the fresh-keeping box to help you. How many big-brand crispers are currently on the market? There are different trade-offs for storing in the refrigerator, freezing, and entering the microwave oven. And the proportional design can also be overlapped and stored, and it is very convenient to overlap and not occupy space when not necessary.

Movable shelf

       This object is usually used in a slightly larger kitchen, and the ground is flat and not obstructed by the steps, etc., it is convenient to take some small things, there are also wood and plastic, can be moved to the hidden platform, the price varies according to the data and size, from dozens Yuan to hundreds of yuan.

Steel pumping, cutlery tray

       Steel pumping and cutting discs are accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, and will not be deformed. They have an irreplaceable role in the maintenance and use of kitchen cabinet drawers. They have long been used in kitchens in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. Cabinet companies are widely used. Therefore, when you have roughly observed the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should open each drawer and take a look. If you use steel pumping and knife and fork combination, the cost of the product is higher, the cabinet combination is more standardized, and vice versa. Drawers are less expensive. Steel pumping and cutlery discs are also imported and made in China, mainly on the rail and surface treatment.


       The faucet can be said to be the most intimate part of the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked when shopping. The faucet proved to be the most problematic place in the kitchen. If you use a low-quality inferior faucet, there will be water leakage, and the untimely consequences will be very serious. Therefore, you should pay great attention to the quality of the product when purchasing.

In most kitchens, faucets are often a rare highlight. This is because the faucet can give the designer a large space for display, and the design elements such as lines, colors and shapes can express many exciting design inspirations, and the aesthetics and artistic light can be realized. At the same time, the high-quality faucet is the embodiment of technology, and the requirements for the craft are extremely high, which just meets the aesthetic pursuit of many fashion people's quality of life. A number of factors have made cabinet makers more cautious about his choices.


       In the kitchen is an object that is used at a relatively high frequency, so its choice is also very important. Most of the common basins are stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics and stone products, depending on the owner's preference and the overall style of the kitchen. If the style of the kitchen is more fashionable and avant-garde, it is more suitable to use stainless steel basins. This choice is not only because the metallic texture of the stainless steel material is quite modern, but more importantly, the stainless steel is easy to clean, light in weight, and also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, etc., in line with the quality of life of modern people. Claim.

The above is the knowledge of the kitchen hardware accessories brought by the decoration home decoration network Xiaobian, I hope you can understand after watching! If you want to know more about related aspects, please log in to the decoration home decoration network and enter the home encyclopedia for enquiry!

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