Five advantages of buying panel furniture


    The popularity of the furniture industry has driven the enthusiasm for the sales of panel furniture. The cheap beauty of the panel furniture makes consumers have a special love for it. The design is simple and generous, and it is not easy to crack. How many advantages does it have?


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Reason 1: Not easy to deform


The panel furniture is detachable, the old style changes, the appearance is fashionable, the material is not easy to deform, the combination of components is usually made of various metal hardware, assembly and disassembly are very convenient, and the furniture with high processing accuracy can be disassembled and installed multiple times for easy transportation .


Reason two: the price is cheap


Panel furniture is furniture made of various artificial boards as the main material. Artificial boards have a high utilization rate of logs, so the price is cheaper than natural wood, the production cost is lower, the price is low, the production speed is fast, and modern furniture is used Hardware can be installed quickly, effectively reducing transportation costs. It is the mainstream direction of modern furniture.


Reason three: stable quality


    When furniture because the substrate to break the original physical structure of the wood, so the temperature and humidity changes in the larger, plywood, solid wood deformation than the much more stable than the quality of solid wood furniture quality.


Reason four: simple personality


The shape is simple and generous, because the artificial board can't have too many details, so the shape develops toward simplicity and generosity, and the quality is lighter than the solid wood furniture, easy to assemble and disassemble; the panel furniture is excellent in workmanship, novel in style, and its color The texture and texture mainly depend on the effect of the veneer, so there are many changes in this area, which can give people a variety of different feelings, and there are many changes in the shape design. It can make a shape that can never be completed by solid wood. It has a personality and a relatively wide range of options. Big.


Reason five: easy maintenance


    It is more convenient to repair than solid wood furniture . The board wood furniture is mainly connected by connecting pieces. If necessary, replace the connecting piece. The board wood furniture does not need to be carved like the solid wood furniture. The layer of paint on the surface of the board furniture is particularly hard and is not easy to break or leave scratches. (Editor: Peter)


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