Chengdu furniture industry is making great strides towards domestic and international markets


With the development of Chengdu furniture industry for more than 20 years, Chengdu furniture enterprises have flourished like mushrooms. While Chengdu has become the second largest furniture manufacturing base in China, it has also become China's largest domestic furniture manufacturing base. There are more than 5,000 furniture manufacturers here, with an annual output value of more than 60 billion yuan and nearly 600,000 employees. The Chengdu furniture industry is making great strides from the western region to the domestic and international markets with a dynamic attitude.


Ilida European style solid wood suite furniture


"Good furniture, made in Chengdu", Chengdu furniture started a regional brand


Chengdu Furniture is one of the top three industries in the country in terms of sales output value and industry influence in Chengdu's industrial economy. It is a beautiful "business card" in Chengdu's industrial economy.


Chengdu is one of the five largest furniture industrial bases and four major furniture distribution bases in the country, and it is also the largest panel furniture production base in China, with furniture production and sales accounting for more than 80% of Sichuan Province. The existing furniture production and supporting enterprises mainly gather in Xindu District, Chongzhou City, Pengzhou City, Shuangliu County, Wenjiang District and other districts and counties. Among them, Xinfan Town in Xindu District has become the most concentrated area of ​​furniture manufacturing enterprises in the city.


"Good furniture, Chengdu" the Chengdu furniture brand influence is huge, with a lead in the Midwest. Among them, Chengdu Wuhou was awarded the honorary title of "Furniture Trade Capital of Western China" by China Light Industry Association and China Furniture Association, and Chengdu Chongzhou was awarded the honorary title of "China Panel Furniture Production Base" by China Light Industry Association and China Furniture Association. 2 companies including Quanyou Furniture were awarded the title of “China Famous Brand”, 5 companies including Mingzhu Furniture were awarded the title of “China Famous Brand”, 8 companies including Sanye Furniture were awarded the title of “National Inspection-Free Product”, and 18 companies including Pioneer Industries Won the title of "Sichuan Famous Brand".


Establish a furniture industrial park and build a core area for industrial clusters


Since 2002, the total industrial output value of the whole industry has been increasing at a rate of more than 20% every year. In 2004, the total output value reached 12 billion yuan. During this period, Chengdu furniture industry realized a leap from individual handicraft production to industrialized production and then to cluster development.


In 2005, with the approval of the Chengdu Municipal Government, the "Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park" was formally established, and it was clearly proposed that the furniture industrial park should be built into a "core area of ​​the Chengdu furniture industrial cluster integrating production, research and development, and trade", and be located in the park. Establish a "large-scale display and wholesale center with products at all nodes of the home furnishing industry chain to enhance the overall image of Chengdu furniture."


In the next 5 years, a large-scale furniture store will be built that brings together various types of furniture products at home and abroad, such as hotel furniture , civilian furniture, office furniture, children's furniture, campus furniture, special-purpose furniture, etc., for functional partition display and exhibition, and a station will be built. International furniture procurement base and the never ending International Furniture Fair.


The 10 distribution terminals in the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park will revise the trade layout of Chengdu and Sichuan furniture. Through the differentiated layout adjustment of the trade zone, the various trade projects in the Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park will form a complementary linkage effect and promote mutual development. Pattern, Chengdu Furniture Industrial Park will also develop into one of the largest furniture industry trade circulation platforms in the west and the best in the country.


"Middle adjustment" and "Northern reform", the strategy of revitalizing the city to promote a new business district


In 2011, the Chengdu Municipal Commission proposed the implementation of the five major city development strategies, and the "Middle Transfer" and "Northern Reform" plans were put on the agenda. The "Middle Transfer" plan means that the central urban area of ​​Chengdu will no longer add large-scale industrial land, and gradually shift the large-scale commercial, commodities, and industrial markets in the central urban area beyond the surrounding cities. "Northern Reform" is to re-plan and build the north of Chengdu to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Chengdu furniture industry as an important industry market is also within the scope of this adjustment, where the furniture industry gathering place has become the focus of the industry for a while.


In this context, Xiangjiang Group has invited the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Furniture and Decoration Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Dongguan Famous Furniture Club, Dongguan Dalingshan Furniture Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong Furniture Association, Beijing Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce, Chengdu Furniture Industry Chamber of Commerce Seven national furniture chambers of commerce will gather in Chengdu to build the industry leader-Xiangjiang Global Home CBD.


In 2012, the two urban plans of Chengdu "Middle Adjustment" and "Northern Reform" were successively kicked off. Driven by the dual engines of "Middle Adjustment" and "Northern Reform", the leading effect of Xiangjiang Global Home Furnishing CBD has been shown. Chengdu Home Furnishing Industry Embracing new development opportunities, Chengdu's fourth business district is becoming more and more mature.


As the only designated receiving place for the transfer of Chengdu's furniture industry, the construction scale, commercial positioning, business model, and supporting facilities of Xiangjiang Global Home CBD fully reflect the highest performance form of the current commercial format of the home furnishing industry. With a whole industry chain platform integrating "production, learning, research, exhibition, and sales", it has provided Chengdu with the impetus to develop high-end furniture industry and core projects of industrial clusters, and become the core hub of the future western home furnishing industry and the direction of industry development. .


The transfer of Xindu home furnishing production area and Hongpailou furniture sales area to Xiangjiang Global Home Furnishing CBD is a key step in the development of Chengdu furniture industry. The establishment of the Xiangjiang Global Home Furnishing CBD broke the pattern of the Chengdu traditional home furnishing market for nearly 20 years. The furniture stores in the traditional commercial districts such as Hongpailou, Yudaiqiao and Beimen moved to the Xiangjiang Global Furnishing CBD as a whole, marking the Chengdu furniture industry Hundreds of millions of business opportunities and wealth opportunities will be gathered here.


Cultivate Chengdu Furniture Fair and develop domestic and foreign trade channels


For furniture manufacturers, "channel is king" has always been the truth. Chengdu Capital Furniture Fair has become the preferred platform for China's domestic furniture trade by relying on the regional advantages of Chengdu's western central city and relying on Chengdu's domestic trade furniture industry.


After 12 years of development, Chengdu Furniture Fair has become one of the three largest furniture fairs in China. The furniture exhibition gathered well-known first- and second-line furniture brands from all over the country, brought together the most high-end talents in the furniture industry and furniture auxiliary industry, and the most powerful distributors in the domestic furniture retail industry, which played an important role in promoting the leap in the Chengdu furniture industry .

      The furniture exhibition is also the main driving force for the Chengdu furniture industry to embark on an international road. In 2012, Chengdu furniture companies hit a billion U.S. dollars worth of exports, and it continues to increase rapidly by 380% each year. This shows that Chengdu furniture companies are making rapid progress toward the broad international market at a strong pace. Let us look forward to Chengdu furniture industry walking out of its "international model" with the most Chengdu-like attitude! (Editor: Peter)


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