European furniture tips

      European-style furniture is an important element of European-style decoration, with Italian, French and Spanish-style furniture as the main representatives. Pay attention to fine hand-cutting and carving. The outline and turning part are composed of symmetrical rhythmic curves or curved surfaces, and are decorated with gold-plated copper ornaments, imitation leather, etc. The structure is simple, the lines are smooth, the colors are rich, and the artistic sense is strong. .


From the perspective of creating an atmosphere, European furniture either pursues solemn grandness, emphasizes the harmony and tranquility of reason, or pursues the decorativeness of romanticism, as well as irrational infinite fantasy, full of drama and passion. Whether in the past or now, it is a symbol of noble life.

There are many types of materials for European-style furniture, such as oak, walnut, mahogany and other materials, as well as particularly valuable ones, which are old teak known as European rosewood. At present, there are not many European-style furniture. A large number of domestic brands use solid wood frames, plus MDF, precious wood veneer or mold. This kind of European-style furniture can not be called European-style furniture in the true sense, it has its form but no quality. Real European-style furniture, such as the original imported British Setvina royal furniture, emphasizes the overall decorative effect, and draws on the images of animals, plants and people in nature, and metal decorative strips as decorative patterns, refined carvings, the surface is very elegant and noble Artistic charm, as mellow as poetry, as exquisite as artwork. They are all classic works accumulated by European predecessors through centuries of hard work. (Editor: Peter)

General Purpose Powder-Actuated System is used for building fastening, which have three parts: Actuated tools, Cartridges and fasteners. When Actuated tool strikes cartridge and cartridge will explode in the inner of tools and produce a lot of high temperature and high pressure gas. The gas will push the piston and the piston will push the fasteners into the basement. Or the gas will push the fasteners directly into the basement. Like this, we can fix a lot of things into concrete and steel basement tightly. 

The fundamental is as the following:

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Systems

The Actuated tools are classified for direct tools and undirect tools, we can also called high velocity and Low velocity tool, the fundamental is as the following:

High velocity tool:

 Powder-Actuated Systems

Low velocity tool:

Powder-Actuated Systems

Based on different purpose, Cartridges are classified for different calibers and dimensions. The usual caliber and dimension is as the following:






At the same time, each caliber cartridge is classified for different specification based on the quantity of inner powder, which is marked by different color. when the color is more darker, the power level is stronger. otherwise, the power lever is lighter.


The fasteners are classified for different categories. Each different category is classified for different specification based on different length and diameter. At the same time, it is  can also be re-designed based on special use.


The packages are as the following:

1. Tools: one tool/ plastic box/carton or five boxes/carton

2.Cartridge: 100pcs/paper or plastic box, 100boxes/carton.

3. Fasteners: 100pcs/paper box, XX boxes/carton.

For shipment, all cartons will packed by pallet.

General Purpose Powder-Actuated Systems

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