Chengdu distributor of children's furniture new national standard says little impact

Since August 1, China's first children's furniture compulsory standards "Children's furniture general technical conditions" the official implementation, from children's furniture has its own national standards. Recently, the reporter found through interviews that some children's furniture manufacturers said that the new national standard has little effect on it; and for products that do not meet the new standards, dealers are not eager to take action, but plan to return to the factory for renovation.

Some manufacturers said the new national standard has little effect

On the morning of July 31, the reporter came to a children's furniture store in Chengdu, which mainly distributes children's beds, tables and chairs, and wardrobes. When a reporter asked about the impact of the new national standard to be implemented on August 1, a salesperson said that the new national standard would have little impact on companies that have always adopted European standards. The salesperson pointed to a vent on the top of a children's wardrobe. "Ventilation holes like this are clearly stipulated in European standards, and relatively well-known furniture brands are also strictly implemented during production."

The sales staff of another children's furniture store also said that the products they sell fully meet the standards of the new national standard, and even the standards they implemented a few years ago are already higher than the new national standard.

"Old" furniture is not in a hurry

Although many dealers said that the new national standard had little effect on it, during the interview, the reporter found that some distributors of children's furniture knew very little about the new national standard. In a furniture store in the urban area, the reporter visited three children's furniture stores in a row. All sales staff told the reporter that the new national standard was only heard, but the specific standards were not known. The reporter also found that there are still some furniture in a store that does not meet the requirements of the new national standard. For example, the wardrobe has no ventilation function, and the protrusions such as the table corner are not added with protective covers. When the reporter asked why the furniture that did not comply with the new regulations was not sold as soon as possible, the salesperson told reporters that after the new national standard began to be implemented, the manufacturer would send technicians to transform the furniture, and those who were inconvenient for on-site renovation would be shipped back to the manufacturer until the product was qualified After the sale. "This will minimize economic losses"

The provisions of some new national standards:

1 The product should not have dangerous sharp edges and dangerous sharp tips, edges and edges should be rounded or chamfered.

2 The product should not have dangerous protrusions. If there are dangerous protrusions, they should be protected in a suitable way.

3 For holes and gaps with a depth of more than 10mm on the rigid material of the product, the diameter or gap should be less than 6mm or greater than or equal to 12mm; the gap between accessible movable parts should be less than 5mm or greater than or equal to 12mm.

4 Except for doors, covers, push-pull parts and their hardware, products should not produce dangerous squeezing and shearing points under normal load.

5 When the product has airtight closed space, there should be unobstructed ventilation openings.

6 Except in the area above 1600mm above the ground or children's standing height, the product should not use glass parts.

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