The furniture industry may usher in a new wave of price increases this year

In the second half of last year, the furniture industry seemed to usher in bad news. After launching five policy measures to strengthen the regulation of the real estate market, in March of this year, the furniture industry used various marketing methods to reduce the price of old furniture when the old furniture was removed at a discount. According to analysis by industry insiders, furniture prices have increased by a certain margin in recent years. This year, the furniture industry may also have a larger price increase due to the increase in materials, costs and other factors.

Increase sales target by about 10%

Last year was a difficult year for the furniture industry. A person in charge of a furniture brand manufacturer revealed that the sales tasks assigned by the company last year were not met in many regions. Compared with the current sales situation, there has been an increase from last year, and it is expected that the sales target for 2013 will be 10% higher than last year.

From December of last year to the present, there has been a good upward trend in furniture industry stocks. Securities research believes that the rise in the real estate market in the second half of 2012 has led to an increase in demand for the furniture industry in 2013, and orders have also increased. . Furniture sales in 2013 are expected to increase.

Clearance of old models by many furniture companies

In the past few days, the reporter visited many furniture stores and found that many shops have sold special prices, ex-factory prices, etc. to attract customers, and some shopping malls have put up signs such as "sampling promotion". Various discount activities and big price reduction actions have attracted many consumers to purchase.

According to some furniture veterans, the furniture industry generally launches new products from March to May. During that period, dealers generally clear old products to welcome the display and sale of new products.

Some furniture brand staff introduced that in 2013, some new products will be launched, not following the rising trend, and the prices will remain the same as before. Sales personnel of multiple brands also revealed that so far, new products have not yet entered the market, but once new products enter the market, prices may rise, and the estimated increase will be around 10%. The reason for the increase is mainly due to factors such as price, which lead to the increase in employee wages and benefits.

A person in charge of a furniture company said that from last year to the present, sales have not been as good as we had imagined. He also predicted the sales situation of this year. The second half of the year will experience a peak season, but the increase will not be great.

In order to create suitable furniture products, in addition to satisfying the tastes of consumers, we must also achieve civilian prices. This requires companies to investigate the market and become a civilian company.

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