The latest consumer trends in the overall furniture industry in 2012

During the 16th China International Furniture Fair, the "2010-2011 China Furniture Trends Handbook" was also released at the same time. The home furnishing industry released Chinese furniture to exhibitors, designers and consumers through the stage of China International Furniture Fair The latest trend. According to the organizer's prediction, "breakthrough" will become the most distinctive trend in the furniture industry in 2011. The five key words of Chinese furniture fashion trends of "self and space", "natural", "rejection of mediocre chairs" and "color office style" will also be closely connected with "breakthrough".

Self and space emphasize the proper integration of personality and the whole

When the post-80s will soon become the most mainstream consumer group in the furniture market , many brands are beginning to extract elements such as "personality and self-expression" into the furniture. Single style furniture has become increasingly difficult to meet the needs of modern people for home space. The younger generation with a flamboyant personality, while pursuing comfort and convenience, does not give up its dedication to personality design. They refuse to be dull and monotonous, eager for flexible design, and the ingenious fusion of personality and overall space can make young people more fascinated.

For the flexible use of space, the practical durability of furniture, and the grasp of space utilization, special attention is paid to the post-80s. The furniture can be combined at will according to the needs. While fully showing personality, it can also meet the specific needs of different periods. At this point, it is equivalent to seizing the hearts of a new generation of consumer groups. For example, a furniture's black and white series of multi-functional display racks can be used as bookshelves and wine racks, and can also be used as a transparent partition to divide the space, without losing functionality in fashion.

Natural real natural elements have become objects of admiration again

The continued respect for "nature" is an inevitable product that people need after stopping their complicated work and life. It interprets people's inner love for nature. No longer blindly following the trend, the return of mentality such as simple and comfortable life attitude and way of doing things makes it difficult for people to forget the attractive simplicity and simplicity of the natural elements. Psychological relaxation, the restoration of natural landscapes such as plants and vegetation, the reuse of environmental protection resources, and the lifestyle created with comfortable materials, bright colors, and interesting designs all bring us closer to nature and evoke everyone's " The desire to buy natural and real household products.

Just like the living room series of a certain brand of furniture, the small size furniture formed by green environmental protection and pure natural olive oil is most suitable for single men, women or young children. The simple Nordic design, environmentally friendly log materials and fresh green will all "natural feelings" Show it all.

Reject mediocre chairs

In addition to the bed, the longest time with us every day is the chair. In recent years, the chair has continuously broken through the constraints of traditional definitions, has been able to perform multiple jobs, and its mobility has gradually increased. If it is the master chair in the living room, the dining chair in the dining room, and the work chair in the study. In short, a good chair always has the opportunity to show its advantages. A chair that refuses to be mediocre can be described as ever-changing. In addition to a simple change in identity, the chair has also made conceptual breakthroughs in color, materials, and shape.

Colorful office grid is working relaxedly and happily

The rigid office space has ceased to be popular. Since 2009, the office furniture industry that hasn't made waves in decades has seemed to have opened its mind. Various frontier trends have swarmed up, afraid of missing something. Since then, the uniform and neat grid layout has been replaced by avant-garde and trendy new-style places. People are no longer satisfied with an ordinary office space. Even the rigid and rigorous work content needs to be supported by a fairly relaxed and colorful environment. Black, brown, and coffee, these dull dark office furniture gradually come to an end, and a variety of bright colors such as white, yellow, blue, green, and red have become mainstream.

In order to cater to the main force of the white-collar workers in the post-80s, more and more office furniture brands began to seek breakthroughs. For example, the European style home furnishing has the brain of “changing the shape of office furniture”. Various polyhedral cutting and multi-angle matching techniques always make people unforgettable for their furniture.

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