Incarnation "commission" Cobos service robot bank sells Meng

"Save 100,000 yuan or go to the counter, local tyrants."

"Oh, my feet are stunned!"

Recently, I have exposed a video of a Bank of Communications robot on the Internet. Not only can I guide customers to handle related business, but also various kinds of sneak peeks, and netizens have called for “Menghua people's heart”! Then, the Northeast version of “Handover”, Sichuan version “Jiaojiao” "There have been network appearances, attracting countless people." When the fire was handed over, several companies were also vying to recognize their parents and compete for their "ownership." The reporter has inquired and finally clarified the context: this robot is the largest service robot manufacturer in China, Cobos Robot, and launched the first intelligent shopping guide robot, formerly known as “Wangbao”, which not only introduces products to customers, but also Personalized service is available to customers.

Mr. Qian Dongqi, Chairman of Cobos, told reporters: This is the first attempt to apply the shopping guide robot to the terminal store. Wangbao is the prototype of this series of products. In the future, it will be deeply customized according to the needs of different users and business scenarios. Therefore, in the Bank of Communications, she is called "commissioning", if in the hospital, it may be called "big white", if it is fishing in the sea, it may be called "small two." Therefore, there are also users who tweeted on Weibo: "At the Bank of Communications, this robot is called 'commissioning'. At the Construction Bank, is it necessary to change its name to 'Building'?"

Mr. Qian Dongqi also indicated that after the "commission" fire, many banks have come to the door to ask for customization. In the future, Wangbao will have more brothers and sisters in front of the public.

Wang Bao fire, what is behind?

The robot named Wang Bao is about 70 cm tall. An adult bows just to see Wang Bao's big eyes. Wang Bao's expression can not only change according to his mood, but also play video through the screen.

Mr. Zhang Ziyang, Director of Product Development at Cobos, said: Wangbao is a positive exploration of commercial robots by Cobos. It is hoped that the terminal stores will reduce the labor cost of the stores through the shopping guide robots, standardize the terminal management, and bring customers completely different shopping guides. Experience. For the principle of user attention, Mr. Zhang tells us that AI (Automatic Semantic Analysis) + TELE Presence technology is used here. That is to say, the user's simple voice dialogue is realized by artificial intelligence, similar to our commonly used SIRI technology; when the complex problem AI can not answer, it automatically switches to the manual service.

When the customer comes to the store, he only needs to press the call button on the chest of Wangbao, and Wangbao will be activated immediately to guide the customer. Although the domestic research and development of shopping guide robots has been carried out, Wangbao is the first one to be widely used in the market. Wangbao has many advantages such as saving the cost of shop users, improving the brand image of the terminal, and improving the efficiency of shopping guide. The merchants who purchase Wangbao can innovate the sales model by saving costs, thereby improving sales performance. In the design, Wangbao as the middle end of O2O connection, can collect user information according to the needs of the merchants, and transmit the data to the cloud for analysis and processing. In the future, Wangbao will provide more than just a single terminal shopping guide, but a shopping guide. The overall solution of the system, and this application is only the first step for the shopping robot to go to market.

"In actual operation, Wang Bao plays more of the role of 'selling treasure', attracting a lot of customer attention, but solving the problem of 'human traffic' now plagued by offline merchants. This is also the initial Wangbao. Not expected during research and development." Mr. Qian Dongqi told reporters.

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