Development and application of TY120C hydraulic pusher

Xinwen Mining Group Tongli Machinery Co., Ltd. Duan Xiulan Xinhanye Group Liangzhuang Coal Mine Zhang Liping. To shirt, 3 胗 heavy to Ding, vertebra. The design principle of the device is 4 and 暇, 1腧 and the test situation and application of the rose.

The hydraulic pusher is an internal liquid return double-acting hydraulic mechanism which is the main moving device of the coal mining face. At present, there are many questions about the pusher used in coal mines; for example, 1 report power, big push do not 77 live 1 pole easy. mountain.

Ding 770 push-pull piston rod bending rate accounts for about 50; 2 piston rod is a solid bar, it is heavy, and the production requires special equipment to drill two deep holes, the cost is high; the cylinder often leaks. Causes the transition to be unstable. These questions not only reduce the performance of the pusher, but also make it difficult to repair the pusher. The cost is high for this. A 200-type pusher with a large thrust seal performance has been developed.

1 Design principle and structural characteristics 1.1 Design principle and process The 206 type pusher is made up of the intermediate ring of the cylinder rod of the cylinder rod. Bearing control valve. One-way valve guide ring seals and other components. Under the premise of meeting the strength requirements, the cylinder diameter is increased to achieve large thrust; the structure of the piston rod and the manufacturing process of the main parts are innovated, and breakthroughs are made in the form of sealing and guiding. The structure of the pusher is more reasonable and the technical parameters are advanced. Excellent performance. Economical and practical.

1. Piston rod, live cylinder; 12 piston; 13. Live column joint; 141.5. Two-way supply and discharge pipe 2. One-way valve 3. Cylinder block 4 cylinder sleeve 5. Support 6. Intermediate ring 7. Guide ring 8 Bud ring 9. Retaining ring 10. Control valve 1.2 Structural features The piston rod of the main part is processed by advanced cold drawing process, and the process advantages of machining cutting and cold forming deformation strengthening. Compared with the traditional boring process performance, it can at least achieve the mechanical properties of homogenous steel quenching and tempering treatment, and reduce the number of processes such as quenching and tempering treatment. Reduced manufacturing costs.

1 cylinder diameter increases. The cylinder body is made of 14, 7.5, 1 precision cold drawn seamless 45 steel pipe processed by cold drawing process, and the size of large related parts. The rated working pressure is 9.83, achieving a large thrust of 120. The thrust of the Model 1770 is nearly doubled.

2 The piston rod is composed of a live cylindrical piston piston column joint and two bidirectional liquid supply and discharge pipes. The live cylinder is made of 927 precision cold drawn seamless 45 steel pipe processed by cold drawing process. The two bidirectional supply and discharge pipes are arranged in the axial direction inside the living cylinder. The two ends are respectively welded with the piston and the live joint assembly to form a body ginseng 1. and a buffer groove is formed at the bottom of the piston end of the piston rod, and the impact resistance is better. The bending strength is 1.5 times that of the D-77. type piston rod, which avoids drilling two deep and long bidirectional supply and discharge holes, and the manufacturing cost is low.

The seal of the 3-cylinder sleeve and the piston rod is selected from a bud shape, and the groove is cut in the cylinder liner. The guiding ring is guided by the piston rod, which is not easy to wear and scratch the piston rod coating, and has a long service life.

4 valve accessories in addition to the control valve body and piston rod with the surface size changes. The rest of the structure and dimensions are the same as those of the Model 177, retaining the interchangeability of the remaining parts of the valve of the same type. Convenient for production and maintenance, the hollow structure of the 200-type push-pull piston rod is the first in China, and its technical performance has reached the leading level of domestic similar products.

1.3 Technical parameters 2 The strength of the main components is checked during the design process of the 200-type pusher. The shape strength and the related dimensions of each component were repeatedly studied and calculated, and the main advantages of each main component 3.1 were convenient and flexible. When operating, whether it is a reversing handle. Still the speed control handle. It can be handled with ease and effortlessly.

The motor vehicle governor travels from start to steady speed, and the current curve is broad. When driving, the driver can look at the road ahead and overlook the roadway on both sides of the locomotive. Eliminates the semi-blind driving situation.

The braking effect is good. In the traffic, whether it is transporting people. The cargo can reliably reach the safe operation of the machine under the coal mine safety regulations. The braking distance is very low and the load capacity is extremely strong. When the locomotive is in the coal bunker. Even if the speed of the locomotive is controlled at 0.5, 1 or per second. Can achieve accurate speed, no time, fast and slow. And when driving the first car and when loading the last car, it can reach a constant speed. It is not as slow as heavy load when it is lightly loaded like other control methods.

The traction is extremely strong. Compared with other vehicles in the raw coal transportation system of the main road, the 15 section 3 bottom dump trucks are hanged at the same time. It is superior to other vehicles from start to normal operation, and can fully meet the national 550101 electric motor vehicle. The technical indicators 154 are specified, and the power saving effect is obvious. Because the DC variable frequency speed control method has no capacitive inductance and so on to increase reactive power consumption. And it is the air brake mode when braking.

Unlike other braking methods, the energy brake is used to complete the stop. Therefore, its power saving efficiency is still outstanding, and the economic benefits are very prominent. 3.2 Insufficient and improvement measures Due to the high body, individual narrow and irregular roadways hinder normal driving.

It is recommended to take measures to reduce the height of the locomotive and ensure safe driving.

4 Benefits and prospects 1 The DC frequency converter is introduced to the original circuit of Finnish Hol Xinji Company. It has extremely strong intelligent control technology. The efficiency of the wood is very high. The fault has extremely low average failure time of more than 200,000, and the resistor used now. Speed ​​control and thyristor pulse speed control method. The power consumption is only a relative resistance type of 35 relative to the thyristor type 20, the locomotive. Two 24 torn DC motors run 18 times a day to save 30.41; muscle. According to 0.5 yuan, 1 meter, the daily electricity bill is 151.2 yuan, and the annual electricity bill is 55188 yuan. The organic combination of the middle motor type and the air brake of the 2 electric motor vehicle completely changes the Achilles heel of the 1 semi-blind driving. Ensure the safety of driving.

He is the chief engineer of the electromechanical department of Xiezhuang Coal Mine of Shandong Taishan Energy Co., Ltd.

2.2 Piston rod strength check 2.2.1 Strength check When the piston rod is working, it is the pressure rod, and the weakest section is the cross section of the live cylinder. The inner diameter of the living cylinder is 1=78 outer diameter,=92, and the thrust is the formula for calculating the compressive stress of the rod. = 1868.3 wakes up 2. Substituting into the above formula, the compressive stress of the piston rod is ==64.2 is called =2603, so the piston rod is The strength meets the requirements.

2.2.2 The length of the stability check, here is the corresponding specification, 7412741474; the application of chemical mud in the wide area drilling v. Wenjie Industry Group's land survey, the company Shen Qingyun Zhang is now the hole collapsed The diameter is the main factor affecting the efficiency of drilling into the moon. It is also the direct cause of accidents in the hole. The two areas most affected by this are the ground super deep hole drilling underground water drilling construction.

Disperse the use of low solid phase chemical mud. Can solve these difficulties fundamentally.

1 mud preparation and function ii mud preparation material 801 plugging agent, 1.2 mud effect (1) cooling drill bit (1) carrying rock collection (3) protective plugging (4) well hydraulic hydraulic impact drilling and snail, drilling 5 slick drill from; 2 preparation Method and point 1 Bentonite is fully pre-hydrated for 24 hours. After the base slurry is prepared, it is stored for another day. The chemical properties of the mud are stabilized; 2 the optimum amount of alkali is selected.

Make a small sample according to the weight of bentonite 212. The optimal two small and medium-sized tests determined by the test are the basic principles for mastering the performance of the mud.

Determination of mud index index colloidal rate funnel viscosity specific gravity plastic viscosity initial end shear force loss amount sand content field value. The new mud is mainly palm and low in sand. City than the city. The tip is dizzy +. The degree is small. , 1 value is appropriate; specific gravity of 1.05 water loss, 130 rings. Leakage 20 is in normal drilling to create turbulence in the mud as much as possible. It is a major factor in improving drilling efficiency. It is a prerequisite for strengthening the solid control to slow down the mud and thick. If the viscosity and water loss of the double-polymerized mud rise, the colloidal stability is destroyed. The thinner iron complex salt and the fluid loss additive sodium carboxymethyl cellulose were adjusted in time to maintain their performance. Diluted mud to administer the ruling, ceremonial ceremonies, ceremonies, 蟮 嘟 考 考 考 考 考 考 考 考 考It is necessary to adjust the response indicators in time according to the drilling level. For the unstable formation of humic acid potassium, the amount of slight loss of the formation 801 blocking agent dry powder into the circulation pool is good.

3 Drilling implementation has carried out the construction of 5 ultra-deep holes, with an average hole depth of 1400 points and 1393.6. The problem is that the thick layer of conglomerate with clay rock shrinkage and muddy cement collapses. The fault zone is difficult to pass. For these questions, double-polymer mud was used separately. 10; composite loach makes 5 drill holes meet or exceed the single-machine standard of high-quality, high-efficiency and low-consumption, and the characteristics of 4叩 mud, composite mud is an important means to solve the construction progress of the collapsed diameter and reduce the construction progress. Its main features are a good shear dilution 忡; 2 formed not thin and changed; 3 comparison, heart. In addition to rock pine; 4 has a good inhibitory effect on water-sensitive formations; 5 is simple and easy to prepare, 5 concluded that a large number of boreholes in the wells are well constructed, and it is difficult to leave the protective wall of the mud in the easy-to-shrink formation. The important role of chemical mud in sealing the wall. For the construction of drilling projects in the future, it is important to carry out the chemical slurry from single machine to centralized pulping with mud cleaning equipment such as high-frequency vibrating screen cyclone desander. Improve the utilization rate of the mud; replace the mud after the new cycle of the old mud is normal. The inertia radius of the low pressure slow speed drilling into the cross section of the pressure bar.

3 to 15, the value is substituted into the formula. The flexibility of the piston rod is = 25 34.2 = 60 into 5 is the flexibility of the 45 steel yield limit, so the piston rod is a small flexibility rod + will be unstable bending.

In order to ensure the strength of the piston rod of the main body cylinder block, a reasonable amount of cold drawing deformation is determined. To ensure that its mechanical properties are equivalent to the mechanical properties of 45 steel quenching and tempering treatment. Tested by the technical supervision department for each of the 3 tests and application effects of cold drawn 45 steel pipes from January 1999 to June 2000, in Qizhen. Liangzhuang Xiezhuang and other mines have carried out industrial tests. The test shows that the 1200 type pusher has a light weight and a large thrust. High strength and easy operation. Flexible and smooth. Good sealing performance, in line with the mining hydraulic pusher enterprise standard, the requirements of stomach 0682000, the bending effect is remarkable. No piston rods are bent. Only the piston rod has no bending items. Each pusher can save annual maintenance costs of more than 600 yuan; at the same time reduce the amount of materials, blue 1 whip, black dry view, black 3, coffee, 1 down, 0 Rui. Defender Island, 54 cut 1

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