Five characteristics of infrared dome camera

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Speaking of infrared dome camera, it is a high-precision craft product, and at the same time, it has a certain position in the market. In order to let everyone know more about the characteristics of this product, and summarize the contents!
Infrared dome camera
First, the infrared dome camera structure is precise and efficient. The high-quality products are firstly manufactured with reliable mechanical structure and fine craftsmanship, and the products are constantly developing to faster speed, higher precision, more stable operation and better image quality. We can see that all major manufacturers have invested in camera-integrated movements with higher technical indicators, in which the true color reduction, low illumination, high definition, high speed, high zoom, fast focus and other aspects are constantly improving; In addition to this, it is equipped with a higher-speed micro-motor mute motor. The new smooth rotating mechanical mechanism achieves precise high-speed and high-precision, which can better adapt to the complex and varied on-site environment and capture targets in a timely, rapid and efficient manner. Locked, for a longer distance or more detailed parts can be unobtrusive. Especially on this basis, digital identification technology can also be used more effectively. The city's handling of public security management to prevent crimes has been fully improved in technology.
Second, the infrared dome camera display operation is simple and reasonable. The screen displays the address of the dome camera, the name of the monitoring site, the coordinates of the rotation, etc., all of which provide clear information directly to our staff; the menu display operation of the dome is more simple and reasonable, including multi-language settings such as Chinese, and A simple and easy-to-understand manual is provided to facilitate familiarity with the management of the device.
Third, the infrared dome camera is intelligent and user-friendly. The most important function of the intelligentization of the ball machine, through editing software and better CPU processing, the ball machine has many preset position settings, rocking scan, pattern scanning, vector scanning, 3D inspection, path learning memory, area masking. , telephoto speed limit, screen freeze, mirror flip, coordinate positioning, sight, auto homing, automatic tracking, motion detection alarm and other functions, managers can realize the smart ball according to actual needs and under the preset program control The ability of the machine to actively scan and patrol, on the one hand, reduces the work intensity of the staff, and on the other hand, it can carry out the intelligent operation of the unmanned state and implement higher intelligence. For example, through the clock intelligent control function, several groups of mission plans can be set according to the time zone arbitrarily, and the camera finder can patrol between the required preset multi-points. When the manager intervenes in the control, the user can be authorized to respond, and can also be switched to automatic after stopping. Mode; and the ball machine can be connected to trigger the alarm input and output signals. When the alarm signal is triggered, the lens jumps to the event occurrence site, or prompts the management personnel to monitor the condition of an area when the image changes. The intelligent function is completely combined with the personnel management through the friendly human-machine interface, so that it can produce greater utility and the functionality is constantly improved and developed.
Fourth, the infrared dome camera has both stability and safety. As a monitoring device, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work is its remarkable feature, so the stable and reliable operation of the equipment is also an important indicator of highly intelligent products. First, the equipment itself relies on highly reliable mechanical structure design and heat dissipation to ensure internal Stable operation in a reasonable working environment; the rational design of the second circuit can protect the ball machine's effective and stable work, prevent the intrusion of overload current, especially to prevent lightning damage is also very important. We have seen that some ball machines have set the overheating and overload protection detection prompts, which play a certain role in preventing protection; once again, the multi-level authorization management program of the device connection system is locked, which prohibits the intervention of non-executive personnel and ensures the safety of the equipment. It is also a function that security surveillance equipment should have. In addition, there are functions such as power-off information retention.
Fifth, the infrared dome camera is easy to install and maintain. At present, many manufacturers have fully considered the convenience of construction and installation of the project when designing the infrared dome camera. Similar to the PELCO's circlip circlip, the hot-swappable design is widely used, and the maintenance adjustment setting is also very simple. We also see A new product from SANYO has REFRESH self-cleaning function, which enables simple internal gear set self-cleaning adjustment through the menu remotely. The continuous improvement of the integration degree also makes the equipment more compact and compact. Various mounting and fixing accessories covers are also adopted to adapt to different environments; the appearance is also more beautiful, and the environment has better integration.

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