Summer corn deficiency is symptomatic to fertilize

Phosphorus deficiency. Phosphorus deficiency in summer maize showed poor root development and slow growth during seedling stage. The obvious phosphorus deficiency in the plants was concentrated in the 5-leaf stage, and there were symptoms such as purple-yellow leaves, purple tip leaves, and curled leaves. Phosphorus deficiency also causes the filament to be pulled out slowly, affecting pollination, and the ear is curled, the ear is not aligned, the grain is not full, the baldness phenomenon occurs, and the maturity period is delayed. Therefore, it should be ensured that 25-30 kg of calcium phosphate per acre is used together with nitrogen fertilizer as base fertilizer.
Zinc deficiency. In the absence of zinc, the lower half of the new leaves of summer maize seedlings and growing seasons are pale yellow or even white. After the leaves grow, yellowish spots or green streaks appear between the veins, and even the symptoms of mosaics can be seen. Severe zinc deficiency can be used in the seedbed 2.5-3 kg of zinc phosphate per mu. Direct corn should be applied with 1-1.5 kg of zinc sulfate as the base fertilizer. It can also be remedied by foliar fertilization method, sprayed with 0.1%-0.2% zinc sulphate solution 2-3 times, sprayed once every 7-10 days, each time spraying fertilizer about 50 kg.
Boron deficiency. The symptoms of boron deficiency in summer maize are that the young leaves are weak and open, and the inter-pulmonary tissue of the upper leaves is thin and white-transparent. The plants grow thin and thin, the ears are deformed, the grains are not arranged neatly, shrinking, and the top grains are empty. The remedy is to spray 0.2% boric acid or borax 2-3 times on the foliar surface, each time interval is about 10 days, each time spraying 50-75 kg
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