New process for insulation and corrosion of special-shaped parts

1.2 Apply a stripping agent outside the semi-model, attach the fiberglass cloth to the mold and adjust it with resin, curing agent, accelerating agent, etc., and evenly brush on the fiberglass cloth with a brush.

1.3 The aluminum foil is cut and the strip is tightly attached to the fiberglass cloth 2, dried and molded, and removed for use.

1.4 Put a closed mold into the elbow and screw it tightly around it.

The result of the process is that the entire elbow is sealed in the model, the shell model and the shell of the straight tube part are easily and tightly connected, the life of the new process shell and metal tube parts is greatly extended, and the integrity is good, the transition is natural and beautiful, and the tradition is avoided. There is a clutter in the process, which is consistent with the requirements of the factory. In the conclusion of a few years, we have applied this process extensively in factories and gradually promoted the use of elbows of the same diameter and moulds of the same size and shape. reusable. The time for replacing the protective layer of the pipe of the enterprise has also been extended accordingly, and the pipe fittings have been well protected. This is very meaningful for companies to reduce production costs.

Baseplate Roll Forming Line

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