The overdue service hazard of the stove is often used improperly

"I saw on TV that in February this year, a kitchen in a household in Chongqing exploded, and the cause of the explosion was caused by the aging of the gas stoves of the residents." Recently, many citizens are discussing the matter. Is the old-fashioned stove still working properly? What is the service life of the stove? On the 25th, the reporter investigated the public and the market of the stove in our city.

The stove of Ms. Li’s house was purchased in 2007 and has been in use for 8 years. When the reporter asked Ms. Li when she changed the stove, Ms. Li said that the old electrical appliance function is not new, but it can be used. It has to be spent. There are not a few people who have the same ideas as Ms. Li. In fact, the stoves have a shelf life. If they are used after the shelf life, they are very dangerous.

“Your stove has been in use for a few years. Do you know that the furnace has a long service life?” The reporter then interviewed nearly 30 residents. The reporter learned in the interview that 90% of the residents said that they only know that some household appliances such as TV sets and refrigerators have a service life, but few people know that the furnace has a shelf life. Some households have used stoves for ten years. Even if they can't catch fire, they still insist on using a lighter to ignite.

It is reported that the national standard of China's new "Household Gas Cooker" has been implemented since May 1, 2008. The new standard requires that the gas stove must be forced to install an automatic flameout protection device to ensure that the gas source can be automatically cut off when the stove fire is unexpectedly extinguished to avoid accidents. That is to say, after the automatic flameout protection device is installed in the gas cooker, when the fire is extinguished, the gas cooker will automatically cut off the gas within 60 seconds to prevent the gas from continuing to leak unexpectedly.

On the 25th, the reporter visited a number of stoves in the city and learned that there are nearly one hundred brands and styles of stoves. In a stove store in Chang'an Road, a staff member is introducing products to customers. When the reporter asked if the stove had an automatic flameout device, the staff in the store told the reporter that each stove has this function and it is very safe. When asked if the stove has a service life, the staff said that their stoves are of good quality and have no problem for more than 10 years.

The reporter then went to the Big World Shopping Mall. At some stove sales counters, the price of stoves ranged from more than 100 yuan to more than 400 yuan. Among them, there is no automatic flameout protection device at a cheap price, and only the stove with a price of more than 300 yuan has this function. When asked if the stove has a useful life, the owner is not clear, saying that if it is not bad, you can continue to use it.

The reporter learned through inquiry that in order to ensure the safety of using the stove, the national standard stipulates that the gas appliance will be 8 years from the date of sale. Excessive use of gas appliances due to wear and tear of components, etc., will not only affect normal operation, but also lead to air leakage, incomplete combustion or excessive carbon monoxide in the exhaust gas. Author: Li Dong Jiao

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