Curtain accessories prices and curtain accessories which

What are the curtain accessories ? Now many people buy curtains only to see the entire price of the curtain, and often ignore the price of curtain accessories. So, what is the price of curtain accessories? The following Xiao Bian will give you some information on the prices of curtain accessories and curtain accessories.

Consumers who want to buy curtains actually ignore a very important issue. When purchasing curtains, consumers only know how much money to buy curtains, but they do not know that the most valuable part of the curtains is accessories for curtains, and the prices of curtain accessories are also So come out.

Curtain accessories price

Cloth + hook 5 yuan / meter, the price is almost! If you know the tailor and you have many things, wholesale accessories, 100 yuan a hole with a plate, cloth with 30 yuan, hook to see where the thickness and welding. Lead rope, lead, are very cheap, of course, also depends on the level of buying, lace compared to other more expensive, ordinary is 10 + a few dollars.

What are the curtain accessories?

Lead Line: It looks like an elastic band, but the center is a small lead section with a diameter of 0.5 cm. It is covered with a thread, and it is wrapped around with a cable edge. It is usually sew along the underside of the gauze curtain and the draper to increase the sense of drape so that the curtain is not easily blown by the wind.

Plumb bobs: The lead blocks, which are as large as an eraser, are generally added to the lower corners of the draperies. They also serve to increase the sense of drape, and they can make the curtains less angular.

Cloth bag: divided into two kinds of domestic and imported curtains, is a layer of material added to the top of the curtain and curtain, the role is to hang on the hook.

Slides: There are ordinary and flexible, flexible is the track can be bent to change the shape of the track, the amount of the track is usually about 10 cm plus windows and window sleeves.

Curtain rods: divided into metal and wood, according to personal style selection, length with the slide, but take into account the two decorative heads. The same with a gauze double rod. Banding: It is usually made from the scrap material of curtain fabric.

How to clean curtain accessories

Curtain accessories are generally divided into two kinds of wear rings and hooks, the specific choice depends on personal preferences to wear the ring to make the curtain fold is clearly neat but relatively high space requirements, the curtain rod and the top of the wall to have a certain distance can Moreover, the wearing of the ring can only be used on the curtain rod. It is relatively simple to use the rail hook. There is almost no special requirement.

When cleaning the perforated curtains, first wear the holes with a rope to fasten it, and then wrap it with a towel or a scarf. This is to avoid the colliding ring colliding with the inner wall of the washing machine, but it is advisable to go outside the dry cleaners to dry-clean the curtains. The maintenance is very good, it can be prolonged, and when washing the curtains, use neutral liquid detergent or it will cause damage to the curtains.

The relevant information on curtain accessories has been introduced here for everyone. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

Curtain curtains

Derrick Flc2000 Pwp Shaker Screen 

Replacement Screens for Derrick FLC 2000 / 48 × 30 Shale Shakers – PWP

Derrick FLC2000 PWP Shaker Screen, also famous known as 48-30 screens, are compatible with Derrick FLC (Flo-Line Cleaner) 2000 series shale shakers. It is a hook strip flat type Shaker Screen, which is constructed of multiple stainless steel 304 or 316 wire mesh cloth layers. And then bonded to a rectangular or hexagonal perforated metal plate for added support and facilitation of repair.

Technical Parameter

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