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What kind of waterproof coating is better ? Waterproof decoration is a very important part of the home improvement process, especially in recent years, the leakage of buildings is obvious, and many neighborhood disputes caused by leakage problems make the leakage problem become a problem that people attach great importance to in the current home improvement process. The choice of waterproof coating has also become a top priority for the selection of decoration materials. So what good waterproof paint it? Here we go to find out about the top ten brands of waterproof coatings.

Oriental Yuhong

Oriental Yuhong is a leading company in the waterproof industry in China that integrates R&D, manufacturing, sales, and construction of waterproof materials. It is the only high-tech enterprise in China and the only listed company in China's waterproof industry. Its products are divided into engineering product systems, special specialty materials and retail market product systems.


Degao Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 and is a wholly-owned company established by the world-renowned leading company of dry mortar—PAREX Group in China. Committed to the reorganization and development of the PAREX Group's waterproof and exterior thermal insulation technologies.

Lei Bang Shi

Leibang Shi specializes in the development and production of chemical building materials. It is based on international leading professional technology and imported raw materials. The improved production includes “Leibo Shi” waterproof, tile adhesives, caulking materials, plugging kings, etc. to adapt to China’s complex and changeable The climate and environment of Leibang Shi chemical building materials series products, its waterproof products are divided into two types of versatility and flexibility.


Switzerland Sika waterproof material includes a variety of Sika waterproof rigid materials, Sika waterproof elastic materials and Sika waterproof coating, mainly Sika Top Seal series, Sika Waterbars series PVC water stop and other products.


Henkel specializes in the production of adhesive products. Its waterproof technology is the world leader. It continues to innovate and R&D capabilities to promote the development of the brand and guarantees its position as the owner and leader of advanced technology.


Keshun specializes in R&D, manufacturing, product marketing, technical consulting and waterproof construction of building waterproof materials. It is a state-level high-tech enterprise.

Zhuo Bao

Zhuobao is an enterprise engaged in the R&D, production, sales, and construction of functional building materials including building waterproofing, decorative insulation, siphon drainage system, and same-level drainage system.


Ma Bei is a company established in 2005 in the construction of a waterproof material sales and integration of one, the main building waterproof coating, mainly JS waterproof coating, rapid sealing agent, silicone waterproof coating and other products.


Longma specializes in the manufacture of large-scale chemical enterprise groups for waterproof materials, adhesives, and architectural coatings. It also absorbs advanced technology from its international counterparts and carries out bold innovations to develop high-quality, environmentally-friendly, new-generation water-based viscose and waterproof material products that are internationally competitive.

Dean Mi

Dianmi Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech building material manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Produce a variety of superior performance waterproof coating, sealant, tile adhesive, interior and exterior putty, insulation materials, stone protection agent and other series of building materials products. The product has the advantages of stable and reliable quality, good durability, environmental protection, no harm to human health, ease of use, strong adhesive strength, improved project quality, and reduced project cost.

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