The price of general tiles teach you to buy the most cost-effective tiles

In fact, the purchase of a house is a major event in life. For the average salaried worker, the savings in the house are almost the same. If you spend a lot of money on decoration, many people cannot afford it. In all the main materials of the decoration, the ceramic tile is also important. One, if the funds are not very plentiful, you can buy ordinary tiles when buying ceramic tiles. Ordinary brand ordinary prices will save a lot of money relative to branded products. At this time, you may ask for half the tiles. The price, in fact, the general price of tiles contains many aspects of content, one is the brand of products in the low-end products, the other is non-brand products, both of which can be purchased. The price/performance ratio is quite high. Today Xiaobian also collected some information. Let's take a look at the price information of general ceramic tiles.

First, the general price of tiles

Nobel tile glazed polished tiles 800800 living room floor tiles 800x800 美脂玉80910 ----¥99.00

Biheng white culture brick antique tiles living room TV background wall tiles simple European interior wall culture stone -------Â¥68.00

White culture brick TV background wall culture stone exterior wall brick villa exterior wall tile wall living room antique brick -------55.00

Foshan Tiles Diamond Glazed Floor Tiles Living Room Tiles 800800 Non-slip Floor Tiles 800X800 ----Â¥48.00

Modern minimalist marble tile 800X800 living room bedroom slip wear-resistant floor tiles hall glazed tiles ----$46.80

Foshan whole body marble tile 800X800 living room floor tile bedroom slip wear-resistant floor tile background wall----Â¥42.00

Foshan ceramic tile marble tile 800x800 living room floor tile kitchen bathroom wall tile----Â¥40.00

San Carlo Tiles Whole Body Tiles 800x800 High-grade Tiles Sliding Wearable Floor Tiles Brick----Â¥40.00

Loulan tile living room glazed floor tile wall tile bedroom floor tiles tiles floor tiles 800x800 ---- ¥ 49.00

8 Space Carla White Soft Tiles Marble Tiles Living Room Villa Floor Tiles Glazed Large Floor Tiles 800 800 Bricks ---- ---- 62.00

Foshan Tiles Diamond Glazed Floor Tiles Living Room Tiles 800800 Non-slip Floor Tiles 800X800 ----Â¥48.00

Culture stone exterior wall brick tile culture brick villa antique background wall brick indoor outdoor country balcony outdoor ----$49.80

Geshi 祺 whole body jade marble tile 800X800 living room bedroom non-slip wear resistant floor tile wall tile ---- ---- 48.00

Marco Polo tiles antique tiles industrial style SOHO stone CZ6650/6653/6656/6658/6659 ----Â¥60.00

Full polished glazed tiles Diamond glazed tiles Tiles Living room Bedroom backdrop Imitation marble Antiskid 800x800 ---- $56.88

Microcrystalline Tiles 800 Living Room Tiles Microcrystalline Stone TV Wall Microcrystalline Tiles In imitating Stone Mirror Tiles ---- ----Â¥68.00

Bread Brick Nordic Subway Brick Kitchen Bathroom Wall Tile Black White 100X200 75X150 Beveled Edge Tile----Â¥60.00

Crown beads tile soft brick 88301/88302/88303/88304/88306/88308/88313 ----Â¥60.00

Foshan Diamond Tile Gold Diamond Marble Tile Wall 800X800 Living Room Non-slip Wearable Floor Tile----Â¥46.80

Simple and modern whole body marble tile 800X800 living room floor tile anti-slip bedroom floor tile background wall----Â¥42.00

Shell fan-shaped ceramic mosaic TV background wall aisle entrance bathroom bathroom scale mosaic tile----Â¥47.50

Retro Exterior Culture Stone Villa Antique Artificial Culture Stone Living Room Balcony Indoor Exterior American Village Tile----Â¥58.00

Million European style living room bedroom anti-slip tile floor tile diamond glazed floor tile background wall 800X800 ----Â¥50.80

Foshan tile 5D inkjet full glazed 600x1200 living room wall glazed tile dry wall anti-slip floor tile -------72.00

Second, how to buy a high price of ceramic tiles

1. There are many varieties of tiles on the market today, and there are great differences in their quality. To buy high-quality tiles, we must first go to the formal business office to pick. When selecting tiles, you need to pay attention to the information on the outer packaging of the tiles. This is the most basic point. The text information on the packaging must have the manufacturer's name, address, and trademark, and the product quality level is also very important.

2. Tiles are good decorative materials on the ground. If their density and hardness are not good, their service life will be seriously affected. Therefore, when selecting tiles, we should also test their density and hardness. Everyone can tap the tiles with their hands. If you can hear the general echo of metal, then the quality of the tiles is relatively decent; if the sound is boring, then Certainly there is a problem of structural stratification, and the quality is poor; if the sound is relatively light and brittle, it means that the hardness and density are better.

3, the beauty of the tile is also very important, which directly affects the effect of wall decoration. Therefore, when selecting tiles, we should also pay attention to the surface. We can stand about 1 meter away from the tile sample and observe whether the sample has glazes, cracks, glazes, spots, and bumps in the sun. In addition, if you want to observe whether there is color difference in the same batch of tiles, you can stand about 3 meters away from the observation.

4. When selecting tiles, you should also check the water absorption of the tiles. If you buy a tile for a restaurant, you can buy a tile with a lower water absorption; if you buy a tile for a kitchen floor, you need to choose a tile with a higher water absorption.

Summary: The relevant information on the general ceramic tile price is introduced here for everyone. In the actual purchase, it is better to compare the products of different brands, and finally select the most satisfactory product according to their own needs. I hope this article helps everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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