The small and beautiful attitude of furniture companies

Nowadays, with the increasingly fierce competition in e-commerce, “small and beautiful” has become more and more sought after by many merchants and consumers. “Small and beautiful” is the direction of future e-commerce. As a result, “small and beautiful” was formally proposed as a new concept of e-commerce. Today, I will discuss this issue with GO Jiaju Home Network.

What is small and beautiful

Small and beautiful, as the name implies, refers to those companies that are small in scale but have unique value. For example, you may be just a small shop selling buns. The radius of your service is only residents within 2 kilometers, but your buns are very delicious. Everyone likes them, then you are small and beautiful. It is about a business model. Small and beautiful is big and complete. It is no longer a shop with the highest scale. Small and beautiful goods are not purely sold. These unique products and shops are behind people. Emotional communication and bundling between sellers and buyers. In contrast, the current furniture industry, compared to some large and comprehensive, small enterprises, but also have reached the "beauty" standard, GO Jiaju Xiaobian can not make a final conclusion. In the process of communicating with some business leaders in peacetime, I found that when I asked about the development plan of the company, the answer was strikingly similar, “bigger and stronger”. If you are "small and beautiful", you won't have to be strong. However, if you grow bigger, you will be strong. For example, Tan Carpenter, who has been listed in the past few years, has made the business of combs global through intensive cultivation of the comb industry. First, monopolizing the market and creating output. Let's play "I am good at wood" to the extreme. Can you say that this company is not great?

What is the meaning of small and beautiful sayings for furniture companies?

The small but beautiful statement is aimed at the current status of enterprise development. From another perspective, it is not to blindly introduce too many things for the enterprise, but to consider the growth of the team and the direction of the profession. If these two problems are not solved, blindly multi-disciplinary expansion, the enterprise is getting bigger and bigger, but the bubble will follow. In the image, the tall buildings are blindly built on the weak foundation, and the tall buildings become dangerous buildings. Nowadays, many Chinese companies have such a common problem: they like diversified development and love to blindly compare assets. Of course, if you have such an ability, there is nothing wrong with it, but it should be noted that enterprises must go well when they choose to grow bigger. But if your business is still far from reaching this ability, you should start with a professional. It is not exclusive to companies, because large companies are more resistant to risks. If the company does have the strength, after completing the "small and beautiful", it can also develop into "big and beautiful." In Chinese culture, it is said that "Ning is a chicken head, not a phoenix tail." With the rapid growth of consumer groups after the 80s and 90s, individuality and unique pursuit are becoming more and more common.

The furniture network understands small and beautiful

"Small and beautiful" to do a special job in one aspect, will also be favored by consumers. In fact, the highly respected Apple products are actually "small and beautiful" style. First of all, the attention to the product is very high; secondly, the grasp of the details is very good; third, the leader has a counter-mainstream temperament, which ultimately creates a different temperament of Apple. Chinese entrepreneurs have a "giant" plot. It seems that only the scale of the industry can be recognized by others, and now "big" and "small" are not necessarily the best criteria for judging heroes. The good or bad of a company or product is not measured by the size of the product or the coverage of the consumer group. Relatively small, “beauty” refers to depth, and the deeper the understanding of consumer needs, the more “beauty” your goods are. Some people think that the real "small and beautiful" things will not deliberately cater to and please buyers, and one likes to "appreciate." "Small but beautiful" is not equal to a small company. "Small and beautiful" is not an unconstrained development. "Small and beautiful" is an attitude.

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