What are the advantages of floor boards and reinforced concrete?

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Floor plate is also called composite floor, floor plate, steel plate, profiled steel plate, floor plate, steel floor plate, combination floor plate, galvanized steel plate, galvanized floor plate, galvanized floor plate, combination Floor boards, composite floor slabs, floor steel decks, laminated floor slabs, etc., are divided into: open floor deck, all closed floor deck, dovetail floor deck and so on.
Floor plate (construction profiled steel plate) is a galvanized steel plate that is roll-formed by cold rolling. Its cross-section is V-shaped, U-shaped, trapezoidal or similar. These waveforms are mainly used as permanent templates and can also be used as Selected for other uses. The use of floor slabs as tensile reinforcements for concrete slabs also increases the stiffness of the slabs and saves the amount of steel and concrete used. Embossing on the surface of the embossed plate results in the greatest binding force between the fascia and the concrete, so that the two form an integral body, and are complemented by stiffeners, so that the fascia system has a high-strength bearing capacity.

Compared with ordinary reinforced concrete floors, what are the advantages of floor boards?
The first floor of the board can be used as a permanent template for cast-in-place concrete, which eliminates the need to install and remove the formwork during construction, which saves time and labor;
2 When the floor plate is installed, it will be used as a construction platform. At the same time, since there is no need to use temporary support, it does not affect the work of the next level of the construction plane;
The 3rd floor siding can be used as the bottom rib of the floor, reducing the amount of work required to install ribs.
4 According to the different cross-sectional shapes of profiled steel plates, the amount of floor concrete can be reduced by up to 30%. The reduced weight of the floor can also reduce the base and size of the beam and column, and improve the overall performance of the structure.
5 The ribs of the profiled steel plates can be used to place hydropower lines, thus integrating the structural layers and the pipelines, indirectly increasing the height of the floors or reducing the height of the buildings, giving flexibility to the architectural design;
6 During the construction phase, the floor plate can be used as a continuous lateral support for the steel girder, which improves the overall stable bearing capacity of the steel girder. In the use phase, the overall stability of the steel girder and the local stability of the upper flange are improved.
7 The above advantages can all reduce the construction time to a great extent and achieve good economic benefits.

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