Jiali Yadi - inheriting European style and achieving luxury classics

More than 300 years ago, European classical furniture was the exclusive luxury of the aristocratic class. They are born with luxury and privilege, and they are devoted to the taste of life and the pursuit of aristocratic temperament. Hundreds of years later, European classical furniture came to China and collided with Chinese furniture culture to create a classic of the new era. “ Jia Li Ya Di ” is a representative brand .

“Jia Li Ya Di” is one of the high-end brands of contemporary French classical furniture. Savour every piece of Jiali Yadi furniture, you will feel its mellow solid wood, the delicate craftsmanship of Chinese and Western fusion and rich cultural connotation.

In terms of materials, Jiali Yadi adheres to the fine selection of materials and adopts the finest imported Pennsylvania red oak wood all-solid wood, which breaks the tradition of European furniture “heavy shape and heavy material”. In terms of craftsmanship, Jiali Yadi creatively grafted the unique Chinese enamel structure into European furniture, which greatly improved the stability of the furniture structure. At the same time, 100% solid wood furniture belongs to the most environmentally friendly furniture, because the raw materials are all solid wood. The binder used is very small, so the formaldehyde content is very small and is the closest to the zero formaldehyde standard.

In design, Jiali Yadi is based on the beauty of the society, rejecting the excessively sleek shape design, pursuing the sublimation of the inner quality and charm of the furniture, giving people a sense of “low-key luxury”. The combination of modern aesthetics and European classical culture brings the dual enjoyment of graceful elegance and luxurious atmosphere, as well as the ultimate beauty pursued by European aristocrats hundreds of years ago.

The demanding materials and design of the craftsmanship make the furniture of Jiali Yadi more durable, and the life of the main frame can last for hundreds of years. This will mean that European furniture will carry the emotions and memories of a family like jewels and calligraphy and paintings from generation to generation. With the deduction of time, the people of the world will also witness with us the beauty of humanistic design, the beauty of craftsmanship and the beauty of long-standing culture under the integration of Chinese civilization!

Inheriting European style and achieving luxurious classics! Jiali Yadi is elegant and extravagant, which makes many consumers love it. It is stylish and elegant, conforms to the aesthetic taste of most Chinese people, and has high-quality materials and rich color combinations. Meet the consumer's elegant and tasteful pursuit. Every piece of Jiali Yadi furniture pursues the expression of shape, light and meaning. Shape, the pursuit of European classics and perfection. Light, the pursuit of the original wood sense, showing the highest quality of European home. Intention to the pursuit of artistry, each product is a sole and unique piece of art. As the leader in the European furniture market, Jiali Yadi is affecting the world's taste and eternal pursuit with its own charm!

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