Toilet bathtub installation precautions

The bathtub is for us to take a bath and the bathtub is large. The bathtub is more comfortable than the shower, especially in the winter. So if you want to use the comfort, you need to know what to pay attention to in the bathroom bathtub to prevent problems during installation. It will bring you trouble when you use it later.

All subsequent problems should be considered when installing the bathroom bathtub. When laying the floor and wall tiles, you should estimate the installation position of the bathtub. Because the installation bath is relatively large, you need the design of the water inlet hole and the drainage hole. Once you install it, you can't move the position. So confirm the bathtub. The installation location is a prerequisite before installation. Also measure the size during the process, and the size of the bathtub matches the space you have reserved. In this way, the bathtub installed later will be compact.

Make holes in the wall during installation, so you must determine the various circuit diagrams before installation. If there is a problem, you need to break some water bricks or wire diagrams to open some wall tiles, causing unnecessary losses. It is too much trouble. In the meantime, check the water outlet and the water inlet, and the direction of the hot and cold water of the pipeline will be clear, and many things will be saved during the installation. You only need to pay attention to the above points and believe that you will not have any big problems when installing the bathroom in the bathroom.

After the bathroom bathtub is installed, you can fill the bathtub with water, and then check if there is water leakage in the bathtub, so that it can be handled immediately. If there is no problem, you can open the drain and let the water in the bathtub be drained to see if the drain is unobstructed and can not drain properly. Before checking everything, you can use a slap or cloth to block the bathtub to prevent damage to the bathtub during other renovations.

Summary: After a day of exhaustion, a comfortable beauty bath in the bathtub can promote our body's metabolism. This comfortable bath depends on a good bathtub, so you must understand the basic bathroom bathtub installation when you are at home. Attention, these little common sense will definitely help you a lot in life.

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