Sizheng pickup installation process

1, the installation position of the pickup thinking positive selection <br> <br> n Si microphone can be installed on the ceiling ceiling, it may be mounted on the wall-side hanging. The installation location should be as close as possible to the main conversation area. For example, the interrogation room may be installed near the person being tried; the classroom may be installed near the podium; and the small meeting room may be installed at the center of the ceiling. Installation principle: Try to get close to the main conversation area. This kind of pick-up effect is better.

2, the positive thinking and routing selection pickup <br> the series connection cable <br> positive thinking pickup low technical requirements of the connecting cable, the core 4 may be used ordinary telephone lines, network category 5 twisted pair, shielded / unshielded signal Cables, etc. Considering the complex construction environment, it is recommended to use a 0.5mm2 cross section 3-core signal cable. That is commonly used 3 × 0.5RVVP cable, Sizheng pickup power supply is generally used remote centralized power supply (ie, in the audio recording equipment / amplification equipment, centralized power supply), the use of the three-core cable, respectively, the power cord, audio signal line Public grounds. Shielded cables can be used in electromagnetic complex environments where the shielding layer is connected to the equipment ground. That is, the shield net connected to one end of the Sizheng pickup is suspended, and the shielded net connected to one end of the audio equipment is connected to the equipment ground (chassis).

Note: It is best to route the cables separately. Do not use the same cable tray with strong AC power, and try to keep away from strong electromagnetic interference devices such as transformers and luminaire rectifiers.

3, the connection method of the positive power source line Si n <br> <br> pickup power supply requires centralized power distal end (i.e., the audio centralized power supply device side recording / amplifying device side), and its main purpose is to interference noise Stronger ability. It is recommended to use the 15V DC power supply with good quality (please see the instructions for using the pickup adapter below) of the Sizheng pickup adapter to prevent the sound quality from deteriorating due to dirty power supply.

The series of Sizheng pickups can use 8V-20V wide-range DC power supply, DC12V is recommended. If the power line is greater than 500 meters, due to the line loss generated by the voltage drop, it is recommended to use 15V-20V DC power supply.

Since the Sizheng pickup is a very sensitive small-signal amplifying device, it is sensitive to the clutter of the power supply, and it is necessary to use a clean, high quality DC stabilized power supply with small clutter. A single stereo pickup consumes approximately 10-30 mA of current, which means a nominally 1 amp DC regulated power supply can operate at least 10 simultaneous stereo pickups. The power supply efficiency and line loss should be taken into consideration in the application. Try to use a power supply with a higher nominal value. The DC stabilized power supply referred to here is often referred to as a "transformer" and is generally composed of a power transformer, a rectifier diode, a filter capacitor, and an integrated voltage regulator. Can not use the switching power supply, it may give the Sizhen pickup a lot of circuit noise! ​​What is the switching power supply? Simply put: that is switching DC power supply, is an electronic switch and electronic switch oscillator composed of an automatic Power Supply. For example, an ordinary desktop computer power supply is a switching power supply.

4 of the negative power source connected to ground and audio <br> <br> positive thinking and the negative power supply ground audio pickups combined, must to the negative input terminal and an audio device for audio DC power supply (LineIn ) The ground line. As shown below:

If the power ground and audio ground are not well connected, the sound quality will be degraded or there will be no sound. If the ground of the LineIn terminal of the audio equipment is not connected to the ground of the Sigphone, the sound will generally be very small.

5, the audio cable connection <br> <br> audio signal line and ground can be directly connected to audio equipment: Walkman headphones, powered speakers, audio amplifiers, audio and video distributor, DVR hard disk recorders, video servers, tune LineIn linear input for audio stations, recorders, sound cards or other audio devices (microphone connection is strictly prohibited).

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