Three-proof lighting power distribution box installation standard

Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, three-proof lighting, power distribution box, working site, total distribution box and switch box shall be provided with at least two levels of leakage protection device, and the rated leakage current and rated operation time of the two-level leakage protection device shall be properly matched. Make it hierarchically protected. Waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion, and three-proof lighting power distribution boxes must be equipped with a leakage protection device at all points of the construction site. In addition to zero protection, a leakage protection device must be installed at the first section of the equipment load line. Leakage protectors should be installed on the load side of the distribution box or power disconnector.

Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, three-protection, lighting power distribution box, switch box shall be installed in dry, ventilated and normal temperature places, and shall not be installed in gas, smoke, steam, liquid, or other harmful medium with serious damage, nor installed. In areas that are vulnerable to impact from foreign solid objects, strong vibrations, liquid invasion, and heat source baking. There should be enough space for the two people to work at the same time around the distribution box and the switch box, and no objects with obstacles to operate or repair should be stacked around it. The distribution boxes and switch boxes must be installed in an upright and firm manner. The mobile cabinet should be installed on the bracket. The vertical distance between the fixed distribution box and switch box and the ground shall be between 1.4----1.6, the vertical distance between the mobile distribution box and the switch box and the ground shall be 0.9m, and the distribution box and switch box shall be used. Iron plates or high-quality insulating materials, the thickness of the iron skin should be greater than 1.2mm.

The entrance and exit of the conductors in the distribution box and the switch box shall be located under the box and must not be placed on the top and side of the box or behind the box door. The electrical equipment in the distribution box shall be first installed on the metal or wooden insulating electrical installation board, and then fastened in the distribution box. The metal plate in the box shall be connected with the electrical distribution box. 12. All electrical appliances in the distribution box and switch box shall be fastened to the installation board in the prescribed position and must not be skewed or loosened. The distance between the electrical equipment and the equipment and the board shall comply with the requirements of the relevant technical standards.

Power distribution boxes and lighting distribution boxes should be set separately, such as and placed in the same distribution box. The power and lighting circuits should be split and the lighting censer should be connected to the upper side of the power switch. The switch box should be distributed by the final distribution box. There should be one brake and one brake in the switch box. Each brave device should have its own switch box. It is prohibited to use a switch box to directly control two or more power equipments. The total distribution box should be located near the power supply, and the distribution box should be installed in areas where the power equipment or the load is relatively concentrated. The distance between the sub-distribution box and the switch box shall not exceed 30m. The horizontal distance between the switch box and the fixed or powered equipment it controls shall not exceed 3m.

Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion, three-protection lighting power distribution box behind the cable needs to be neatly arranged, bundled into bundles, and fixed with a staple on the plate, after the disk cited and introduced the lead should leave an appropriate degree of redundancy in order to overhaul. 17. The conductors should not be excessively long when the conductors are peeled off. The conductors of the conductors should be solid and reliable. The conductors of the strands should not be crimped. The crimping terminals (except for the crimping holes) should be installed. If it is necessary to crimp the top conductors Multi-strand wires shall be brushed and then crimped, and the number of wires shall not be reduced. 18. All distribution boxes and switch boxes at the site are checked and maintained every month. The inspection and maintenance personnel must be professional electricians. The work must be done with good insulation and must be insulated. 19. When checking and repairing the distribution box and switch box, the power switch at the previous level must be disconnected from the power switch, and the power failure identification sign must be suspended. Live work is prohibited.

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