Abrasives Buyer Survey Report

The specific behavior and data analysis of the abrasives purchaser in the procurement process can provide relevant reference value for the supplier to make certain business decisions to a certain extent. For example, in which industries the buyers exist, what types of businesses they have, what aspects of the suppliers are more important, and what are the main ways to find suppliers.
Recently, Ai Rui.com, which is committed to become the world's first brand of e-commerce services in the industry, has conducted a questionnaire survey on abrasive abrasives buyers. The survey results and their analysis are as follows:
1. Abrasives buyer's industry and its business type Abrasives Buyer's Business Type According to the survey, 41% of buyers come from the abrasives industry, and only a small part comes from construction, machinery or other industries. Most of the buyers are manufacturers, followed by distributors/wholesalers, accounting for 34% and 31% respectively. It can be seen that the upstream and downstream of the abrasives industry itself and its direct distribution/wholesale participation entities have huge purchasing and supply relationships. For example, manufacturers of brown corundum grinding wheels may need to purchase brown corundum abrasives, resin binders, etc. Manufacturers of diamond grinding wheels may need to purchase diamonds, ceramic binders, metal substrates, and so on. At the same time, manufacturers or larger traders may need to expand more distribution/wholesale channels.
2. What are the requirements for suppliers of abrasives and abrasives? Abrasives Buyers' Survey of Supplier Demands According to the survey, 83% of buyers put product quality first in procurement, and secondly they are more concerned about the supplier's supply capacity (41%). Therefore, for the manufacturers of abrasives, a perfect quality inspection system should be established to ensure product quality. At the same time, we should continue to innovate and develop advanced technologies to improve production efficiency, so as to produce products that satisfy customers. Should be guaranteed to be delivered in a timely manner. Both must be balanced to achieve a win-win situation.
3. Has the abrasive grinding tool purchaser found a satisfactory and long-term stable supplier? Whether abrasive abrasives buyers have found long-term stable suppliers According to the survey data, 66% of buyers found a supplier that satisfied them. At the same time, 55% of buyers have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with suppliers. It can be seen that most buyers have realized that supplier satisfaction and its long-term stability play a vital role in the development of the company. From this data, the actual situation is still considerable. And another 31% of buyers have not found a satisfactory, or long-term stable supplier. At this time, it is urgent to find more new suppliers through various channels (networks, exhibitions, etc.), and then through further cooperation and mutual integration, select suppliers that are satisfactory and can cooperate for a long time.
4. How do abrasive abrasives buyers look for suppliers and their evaluation and recommendations for Ai Rui? Abrasives Buyers Look for Supplier Channel Survey Results According to the survey, 72% of abrasives buyers are looking for suppliers through the Internet. It can be seen that in the Internet era, the Internet has become the main way for buyers to find suppliers. As the first professional network platform for cutting and polishing industry, Ai Rui Network is meeting the needs of the majority of abrasives buyers. In the survey, 93% of buyers expressed their willingness to find new suppliers through Ai Rui. Description Ai Rui Net is gaining more and more trust from domestic and foreign abrasives buyers and suppliers. One of the buyers commented on Ai Rui.com: "On Ai Rui, I can always find useful, reliable information."
Through this survey, we can understand that most of the abrasives buyers are from related industries. When purchasing, they are more concerned about the quality of the product and the supplier's ability to supply. In addition, the Internet has become the main channel for buyers to find suppliers. According to the results of this survey, about half of the buyers still have not found long-term stable suppliers, and most of them hope to find long-term cooperation through online channels, especially iAbrasive.com. partner.

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