Urban Security System and Emergency Response Platform

The urban Security System and emergency response platform fundamentally solve the various drawbacks brought by human defense and provide a scientific and reliable method for security protection. It can be said that the research and implementation of this system is of great significance to China's national security and security fields. First of all, the completion of this system can enable China to have security technology with independent intellectual property rights; secondly, it enables China to have independent emergency and defense basis; again, through this project, we can improve the overall level of China's public security and change the original lack of disasters. Basis for prevention, evaluation basis, and backwardness of salvage basis.

The key technologies of the urban security system and emergency response platform are intelligent video analysis, biometric identification technology (especially facial recognition), and comprehensive platform for data intelligence analysis. The system is an integrated safety protection system that integrates functions such as environmental monitoring, access monitoring, perimeter security, item safety, and entrance and exit control. The system has strong practicality, can provide decision-makers with real-time disaster information, and provides a variety of emergency solutions and disaster trend analysis based on the aggregated real-time information. It is applicable to the overall security protection of urban areas or certain key locations in the city. Regional security protection. The system is an integrated system integrating high-tech front-end acquisition technology and background intelligent analysis and decision-making software. It has extremely strong compatibility and expandability. It can perform regional networking from point to line and from point to surface, and eventually form coverage. The entire city's security system. The following uses the environmental monitoring and nuclear biochemical detection system as an example to briefly explain the role and characteristics of the urban security system and emergency response platform.

The targets of nuclear, biochemical and chemical attack that are most likely to attack are crowded places and important public places, such as train stations, airports and subway stations, important buildings, water supply plants, and so on. At the same time, since radioactive materials, chemical toxicants, or biological agents are all relatively easy to obtain, chemical toxic gases are relatively easy to manufacture, have low production costs, and some chemical poisons are colorless and odorless, and they are difficult to find in time, so they are prone to huge casualties. Terrorist weapons.

The nuclear biochemical detection system has a role in the implementation of a dynamic data management system when accidents or terrorist actions occur, disaster analysis and peacetime training after the accident. At the same time, the system has the on-line status, diffusion mode, emergency indications, real-time video monitoring, and data dispersion for detectors and sensors in the graphical interface. It can provide security codes and emergency instructions and information sharing to prevent external threats, prevent chemical accidents, and enhance information communication between departments.

This subsystem is a new generation of anti-terrorism control system that can be used in military and defense information systems as well as in urban security control systems, especially C3I systems and C4I systems. The system provides a powerful external probe and data interface. For example, biochemical detectors, nuclear radiation detectors, etc. Its main application is in a wide range of safety inspections, such as nationwide detection & monitoring systems; subways, airports, ports, railway stations and Other public buildings and places; military venue command centers; chemical and petrochemical industry production and transportation departments.

The focus of the urban security system and emergency response platform construction is to fully understand the special needs of different customers and provide customers with personalized solutions so that the system can really play a role.

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