Four considerations for rice fertilization

One must pay attention to the control of nitrogen fertilizer. Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer in rice will not only increase the number of inefficient tillers, turn green, lodging, and intensify pests and diseases, resulting in more empty grains and lower seed setting rate, which will affect rice yield. Nitrogen fertilizer is mainly used as top dressing. For the first time, 6-7 kg of urea is applied to the mu after rice transplanting. The second time is combined with Putian in the 13-15 days after the transplanting, and 4-5 kg ​​of urea is applied to the mu. Strong. In the medium term, attention should be paid to the drainage and fertilizer control. Only the second and third types of seedlings with poor growth should be supplemented with some balanced fertilizer. In the later stage, the seedlings should be supplemented with 3-4 kg of grain fertilizer. 
Second, we must pay attention to the application of organic fertilizer. Organic fertilizer contains various nutrients, which can improve soil aeration, water absorption and water retention characteristics, promote the stable growth of rice plants, and obtain high yield and quality. The organic fertilizer is mainly used as the base fertilizer, 30-40 tons of composting soil and 30-40 kg of cake fertilizer, and 40-50 tons of manure and manure before the water is applied.
Third, we must pay attention to the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can enhance plant vigor, promote nutrient synthesis and operation, enhance photosynthesis, extend the functional period of leaves, and make the grain full and full, and increase yield. The base fertilizer is suitable for phosphate fertilizer, and the potassium fertilizer is better. In the field with sufficient organic fertilizer, 20-40 kg of phosphate fertilizer per acre can be applied, and 3.5-5 kg ​​of potassium chloride can be applied per mu before tillering. Spraying phosphorus and potassium fertilizers in the late stage of rice can promote the filling and fruiting. Spraying once in the late stage of heading and flowering, and using 50-100 grams of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer per acre, and spraying 50-60 kilograms of water in the evening. 
Fourth, we must pay attention to the application of micro-fertilizer. Zinc fertilizer and silicon fertilizer can not only improve the supply of oxygen in rice roots, enhance the resistance and lodging resistance of rice plants, improve the disease resistance of plants, promote the development of roots in the later stage, prolong the functional period of leaves, prevent premature aging, and accelerate the development of flowers. Increase the amount of pollen, promote the germination of flower granules, and help to increase the rate of rice emergence; and also promote the large number of spikes, increase the seed setting rate and the grain filling degree, and increase the rice yield.
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