What is the nature of ammonium bicarbonate?

  Ammonium bicarbonate ( NH4HCO3 ) is abbreviated as ammonium bicarbonate and is one of the more commonly used fertilizer varieties. About 17% of the nitrogen-containing ammonium bicarbonate as white granules, crystals, strong ammonia odor, soluble in water, fertilizer rapidly, its aqueous alkaline reaction. The dried ammonium bicarbonate is basically stable below 20 ° C. When the temperature rises and the air humidity is high, it is easy to absorb moisture and decompose, resulting in the loss of nitrogen due to volatilization. Therefore, transport and storage must be strict packaging density, low-temperature drying.

After it is applied to the soil, it dissolves quickly in water to produce ammonium ions, and the bicarbonate is absorbed by the crop. Although its aqueous solution is alkaline, it may increase the alkalinity of the soil in the initial stage of application to the soil, but After nitrification, the alkalinity of the soil will decrease, so ammonium bicarbonate has little effect on the pH of the soil. It is suitable for a variety of crops and various soil applications, but is preferably applied on acidic soils.

Ammonium bicarbonate should be used as base fertilizer and top dressing. It is not advisable to use seed fertilizer or manure fertilizer to avoid alkaline or damage to the seed or seedling. Because not stable ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia and volatile, so whether as basal or top dressing, applied dry or paddy field, namely Shi Houli and deep application should be covered with earth, according to many test and production practice shows that deep Shi Shi shallower than the increase Generally, it should be 6-8 cm deep . According to the North Test, the use of mechanical 6 cm is similar to urea .

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