The top 10 predictions for the ceramic industry in 2010 will usher in a new round of shuffling

According to the country's macro-control policies of "different treatment, there are pressures and pressures", ceramic enterprises will usher in a new round of reshuffle in 2010. New year, new challenges, what changes will be made in ceramic enterprises? In such an important period of enterprise development, "Xingbang Ceramics" Weekly launched the top 10 predictions of the ceramic industry in 2010, aiming at providing enterprises with a clear understanding of the macro situation, grasping the direction, and scientifically formulating development plans.

01 Macro exports will not change significantly
Chen Fan, vice president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, said that in the next five to ten years, the risk of the ceramic industry is not from within the industry, but from outside the industry, the biggest risk will likely come from financial stability. He said that as the international market is gradually being swallowed up, China's ceramic production capacity is gradually increasing, and the amount of capital investment will rise rapidly. In the event of a financial crisis, market shifts, resource transfers and financing issues will put the ceramic industry at great risk. The industry generally believes that the slow recovery of the European and American economies, the rise of global trade protectionism, the rise of ceramic industries in China's neighboring countries, and anti-dumping investigations will all have a new round of impact on Chinese ceramics' overseas market. In 2010, ceramic exports will encounter a larger scale. Resistance.

02 base digestion capacity into a top priority
In 2009, Xinzhongyuan, Xinmingzhu, Dongpeng and other enterprises entered the major industrial bases and built new medium and high-grade ceramic production lines. Some industry experts estimate that the national ceramic tile production capacity is expected to exceed 7 billion square meters in 2010. In addition, exports are blocked. Ceramic companies after large-scale production lines cannot absorb huge production capacity through the international market. There are two ways to digest production capacity: one is to reduce production and directly eliminate backward production capacity. Although this is effective, it is lagging behind. It is to explore new markets and solve indigestion. The former needs to solve the product structure adjustment, while the latter needs to work on the adjustment of the industrial structure.

03 policy ceramics down the countryside arrow
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has made expanding domestic demand, especially consumer demand, a top priority in 2010. Following the “home appliances to the countryside” and “automobiles to the countryside”, “building materials to the countryside” including ceramic products is just around the corner. In 2009, the ceramic industry has been in public opinion. Ye Xiangyang, president of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association, revealed that the new rural construction and township construction will also stimulate the demand of the building materials market. The China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association and the China Building Materials Federation are actively pursuing the relevant national departments to include building sanitary ceramics. Some preferential policies for building materials to the countryside. In fact, the rural market has become the focus of competition among the vast number of ceramic enterprises.

04 brand no brand died
In 2010, the division of labor and brand positioning will be more clear. The development of the industry and the competition in the market require companies to have clear brand positioning and market demands. Brand companies and foundry companies will become more specialized, and the cross-cooperation between oem and enterprises will become more frequent. The positioning of the brand will become more and more clear. In the market segment, the competition will mainly be carried out among brands with the same market positioning, and it is expected to gradually form a benign competitive relationship.

05 public opinion from environmental protection to conscious environmental protection
2010 is the first year of building ceramics from “being environmentally friendly” to consciously protecting the environment. China's ceramics industry must also actively reshape the industry image, consciously adhere to clean production, energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce waste of resources caused by extensive production and backward production capacity, and actively strengthen the research and development and promotion of environmental protection, energy-saving and functional materials. For China's ceramic industry, it is a big challenge and a big opportunity. Many industry professionals and experts said that saving resources, saving energy and environmental protection have become a global trend.

06 product features multiple thickness is the protagonist
Under the premise of ensuring the performance and mechanical strength of ceramic tiles, further promotion of thinning and reduction of ceramic tiles has become an industry consensus. The true meaning of tile thinning is not only the cost reduction at the individual level of the enterprise, but also the strategic prospect of eradicating the excessive consumption of non-renewable resources from the source. The thinning of ceramic tiles has little effect on the company's process technology and production equipment renewal, and it can be said that there is no harm. It is foreseeable that with the advent of the era of personalized consumption, the ceramic products of “slimming and losing weight” will become the new favorite in 2010.

07 price increases may stimulate product price increases
At the end of 2009, Wrigley Ceramic Tiles Headquarters announced that it will increase the prices of ceramic products and some sanitary products from the New Year's Day in 2010, which is roughly 5%-12%. This is the largest price increase in the company in recent years, and it is also the first domestic building materials industry to adjust the price of its brands.

Soaring fuel prices, shortage of mineral resources, rising energy prices, rising transportation costs, repeated reductions in export tax rebates, and increasing environmental protection costs have led to an increase in production costs and a sharp drop in profit margins. In addition, personnel training, equipment transformation, technological innovation, Brand display, cultural communication and other aspects have also brought a lot of operational pressure to enterprises. Under the influence of these uncontrollable factors, it seems that the company's product price increase in 2010 is a foregone conclusion.

08 competition in the domestic market is a long-term battle
In 2009, the ceramic industry spent a warm winter in the cold, and the whole industry was booming. After the slowdown in exports in 2010, ceramic companies will definitely compete in the domestic market, and they have already sniffed the smoke before they started fighting.

It is expected that in 2010, the operating environment of ceramic enterprises will be further tightened, and the competition of ceramic enterprises will be further intensified. A variety of marketing models and promotional hand statutory will emerge in an endless stream, and the company's marketing expenses and market access threshold will be further enhanced.

09 sales to implement the second and third level market layout
Wu Yiyue, vice president of the China Building Materials Federation, believes that Chinese ceramics companies were concentrated in first-tier cities. Due to the financial crisis, they began to sink to second- and third-tier cities, and domestic sales almost compensated for export losses. The overall progress of urbanization and new rural construction, including the acceleration of the pace of affordable housing, has also created a good opportunity for ceramic enterprises to advance into second- and third-tier cities. Consolidating existing sites and further exploring the market will become the main players in 2010. jobs.

10 marketing group purchase will have a bigger role
As we all know, “group purchase” is one of the annual keywords of the ceramic industry in 2009. In 2009, the new Zhongyuan Group purchased 256 stations in 125 cities, attracting tens of thousands of end consumers to participate. It is understood that group purchase is generally a direct profit from the manufacturers, the price is generally 30%-40% lower than the usual purchase, consumers can buy brand products at a lower price, the group purchase rate is often more than 90%, I believe the group purchase in 2010 heat Not reduced.


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